In December 2020, Yutom began his journey as a Young Author. From that moment, he was very excited to start his book. He had good ideas and was sure about how his characters would look like and what they were going to do.

After 17 hours of writing, and at the age of 8 years old, he accomplished his first novella… and as he is involved in stories, the next one is right fresh, waiting for you to read it.

Novella: The Death of a wolf

Genre: Thriller

Original Version: English

Words: +3400

Date of publication: April 2021

Production time: Approx 15 Hrs

«The Death of a Wolf» is Yutom’s first story. If you ever thought wolves were free, nothing can be more wrong. They are surely chased and hunted for their fur which represents a great value. Follow the three main characters, Sarah, Ponyo, and Tom, while they have to confront a trapper looking for wolves.


Max took the talkie. “Yea, I’m here,” Max grumbled.
“Got one?”
“No, of course not, I just arrived.”
“Where are you then?”
“On a beach, following footprints. They are not straight, probably it’s sick.” Looking at the footprints, he raised the head. ‘They are leading to that cave. He smiled. “It’s a question of minutes,” he said and turned off the talkie. He took his gun out, checked if it was fully loaded, and put it back in his pocket. He sighed. “Let’s go.” He walked confidently to the cave and listened carefully. ‘No sound… dead?’ he thought. He stepped inside the cave. It was dirty, many spiderwebs covered the walls and the ground was filled with dry seaweeds. Further away, a wolf was laying.


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Novella: The Boy Who Worries Too Much

Genre: Youth Novella

Original Version: English

Words: +4500

Date of publication: June 2021

Production time: Approx 20 Hrs

«The Boy Who Worries Too Much,» is the story of a boy who always worries. If you want to know what may go in the head of a young 7 years old boy, open the book!


“Thank God, breakfast, I’m so hungry. But wait, what if my mom cooked a poisonous breakfast or used rotten food? Or worse, something I don’t like like tomatoes, carrots or broccoli or radish? I don’t know if I can trust her. Anyway, I am forced to go down.

“Stuart, I bought chocolate for you!”

“What? My dad bought chocolate? Wow, that’s a great thing!”

I ran down and stepped over the stairs. “Mom?”


“Is the food poisonous or did you use rotten veggies or bad?”

My mom is a very patient mom, she never gets angry. She kneeled in front of me.

“Stuart, you are alive for 7 years up to now and have been eating the food I make, right?”

I couldn’t do anything else other than admit it. I nodded. “Yeah.”



Click here or on the book to download the ebook (pdf format).