Young Authors,

How to Proceed?

How to be in this course?

It is important to mention that at this moment, the course is a face-to-face/one-to one OR one-to-two, only available in Hong Kong. However, in a close future, this course will also be available as coaching workshops.

Private Lessons
The lessons are mostly given at your place, in a club house or a calm public area. We also need to have access to Internet.


The private lessons are given at a rhythm of minimum 1.5 hours. The workshop can be extended to 2 hours or more upon request, once or twice a week. The booking is done on the first come first serve basis. However, and unfortunately, places are almost all occupied at the moment. Many students just don’t want to stop and quit! They keep writing, book after book, starting a new one as soon as their previous one is achieved. This is why, the Saturdays are now opened for students who want to be part of these workshops.


To know more, please contact Yves Beland on Whatsapp at (852) 6857 5921.


If you would like a meeting, it will be my pleasure to meet you and share with you samples and what are the involvements of the  workshops, the required mindset and the time duration. If you would like to book a time, let me know your availability, but be prepared to know that most of the peak times (weekdays 4:00 to 6:30 pm) are almost occupied.