Vianne Lam is, by January 2020, 9 years old. At first, she didn’t want to write any story, but after a while, she simply said: «I don’t know how to write a story… ». That was her debut as a Young Author in 2018, at 7 years old.

Vianne Lam lives in Hong Kong. Her big sister Marjorie is also a writer, a productive one!

Vianne loves to go to school, enjoys skipping with her jumping rope, and computer games. She also likes to watch cartoons on TV. However, she doesn’t know what she would like to be as a grown-up. She still has time!

She works on her novella at each lesson, being involved and attracted to develop it and making it dramatic… or funny.

«The Princess and the Witch » is Vianne’s first story. A witch wants to steal the power and the beauty of a princess. The king will do everything to save her daughter. However, the witch knows how to trick the princess’s friends. Will she succeed to get the princess’s beauty and her power?

«My Diary, the Good, the Bad, and the Funny Things» is Vianne’s second book. The main character of her story is… herself! Her diary shows her world revolving around her school, lessons, and free time. Follow her week and busy timetable, sharing her thoughts, her questions, and her funny things!

Vianne didn’t stop and a third book, “A Ghost Story” was produced. What Ghosts, those living in Disneyland, do during the nights? Read it to found it out!

“Three Wishes” became her fourth book. If ever you don’t know what to ask to a genie to get your three wishes granted, don’t read this book. It won’t help you!

And then succeeded her fifth book, “The Three Black Magicians”. Written with what became her trademark, ridiculously humoristic genre, these black magicians cumulate mistakes, arguments and bad lucks.

But after these funny stories, she decided to attack the drama genre, and here came “Tiana’s Story” followed by another drama, but using her “sarcastic tone” to make an unusual story, “The Colene Hill’s Case”.

Finally, she closed her series with humor, a bit of sarcasm as well with a pinch of drama and wrote an extraordinary tale, “Lily and the Candyosaurus”.

And as a young author, she decided to pursue her learning with short stories. Maybe she will decide to publish them too. Stay tune! 

Novella: The Princess and the Witch

Genre: Fantasy, Youth Novella

Original Version: English

Words: +3400

Date of publication: May 2018

Production time: Approx 10 Hrs

«The Princess and the Witch » is the story of a witch who wants to steal the power and the beauty of the princess. The king will do everything he can to save her daughter. However, the witch knows how to trick the princess’s friends. Will she succeed to get the princess’s beauty and her power?


“I heard something terrible,” Macy said. “Someone wants to kill you!”

Both trees were very scared. Taylor even stepped back.

“Oh my God!” cried Kayla. “Who wants to kill you? This is insane, you are a so lovely princess and moreover nobody hates you! Take for example, me… I love you so much that never, and I really say never I would have such an idea like that! And…”

“Stop!” shouted Taylor.

“What? What did I say? I said nothing!”

“Exactly! You said nothing but so many words came out from your mouth in a so much short time!”


“Enough!” said Abarrane.

The princess turned her attention to the flower.

“So?” she asked.

“Because the witch wants to… wants to…. wants to have…  your…

Both trees were looking at her.

“Are you going to say it or not?”  asked Kayla.

“Shhhhhhhhhh!” said Taylor. “Let her speak!”

“I forgot… but what I remember is she wants to have…  your… your… something you have magic thing!

“What magic?” said Abarrane.

All the eyes were turned towards Macy. She didn’t know what to say more.

“I don’t have any magic,” deplored the princess.

“Yes I know… but… no I mean, no you don’t have, no this is not good, it is yes, it’s true, you have!” replied the flower, confused in her words.

“Which magic then?” asked Abarrane.

Both trees looked at each other and then looked at Macy. Abarrane took a look at them.

“What?” she asked, seeing the strange look they made.

“Well… you have magic! You speak to us!” declared Kayla.

“Of course! You are my friends,” she replied.

“She doesn’t understand…” commented Taylor, looking at Kayla and Macy.

“In fact, you are not supposed to speak to flowers and trees!” announced Kayla.

“Moreover, trees and plants are not supposed to walk!” added Taylor.

“So this is why you have magic. You used it to make us alive!” completed Macy.

Abarrane put a hand on her mouth.

“Hooooooo!” she whispered deeply, suddenly scared of the thought. She was speechless.


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Novella: My Diary

Genre: Humor, Diary

Original Version: English

Words: +2700

Date of publication: July 2018

Production time: Approx 10 Hrs

«My Diary, the Good, the Bad, and the Funny Things» is Vianne’s second book. The main character of her story is… herself! Her diary shows her world revolving around her school, curriculum lessons, and free time. Follow her week and busy timetable, sharing her thoughts, her questions, and her funny things!


Dear diary,

You know I am only seven years old but imagine, my life is sooooo busy. You don’t believe me?

Fortunately, I have many good things. The best one is eating ice cream. I can’t stop but eat tons of ice cream every day. You know what is my favourite flavour? Mangooooooo, right! How do you know? I never told to anyone. All these because I am not a fatty girl. That’s great isn’t it? Another thing that I really like, I can do so many funny and silly things because I am not a lazy girl! Got it?

Anyway, so… as you are my dear diary, I can share more about my problems. Are you ready to know more? If you are kind, I will put down more words in the following pages but don’t let anyone read them. And so, you will discover the secrets behind my busy life.


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Novella: A Ghost Story

Genre: Humor, Tall Tale

Original Version: English

Words: +5500

Date of publication: December 2018

Production time: Approx 21 Hrs

«A Ghost Story» is Vianne’s third book. Have you ever wondered what ghost do during Halloween? And what about those living in Disneyland? Surely you will find this story funny


The parade of the funny characters like Mickey Mouse, Snow White, Cinderella, and Belle has just finished. All the visitors were leaving Disneyland. Many little girls and boys cried at their parents to get balloons or new toys.

“Daddy, I want the super wizzy fast water-gun!” asked a little boy.

“You already have ten!” replied the father, exhausted by the long day at the theme park.

“But this can shoot 20 meters farther than the ones I have!”

“No, no, no, and no!”


“Because of no!”

“You are a bad father.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“I will tell mommy.”

“No problem, you can tell her once we arrived home,” replied the daddy.

Suddenly, a little girl cried loudly because her mommy didn’t buy her favorite doll.

“I want that Belle doll, whaaaaa!” cried the little girl.

“You have 50 dolls at home.”

“I don’t have Belle! Whaaaaaaaaaa, whaaaa!”

“You already have so many Belle dolls.”

“I don’t have that one, whaaa!”

All the people went to the exit and crossed the gates. The little girl was stubborn and didn’t bouge at all.

“Come on, Lilly, we are going to be the last ones to leave the place, and I’m so tired. It has been a long day!”


Without any expectations, a ghost appeared next to the mom.

“Excuse me, Disneyland is going to close, you sh…”

But he didn’t have time to finish his sentence that the mom looked at him and screamed louder than her daughter’s cries. She pulled her daughter’s arm and ran away as fast as she could, screaming again.

“A ghost! I saw a ghost! Ahhhhhh!”


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Novella: Three Wishes

Genre: Fantasy, Humor

Original Version: English

Words: +7500

Date of publication: Mars 2019

Production time: Approx 12 Hrs

«Three Wishes» is Vianne’s latest novella. What would you do if you had three wishes? Are you going to ask for becoming rich, having anything you always wanted to get, twelve elephants, or…? Well Lily wanted something else. Get this book and dive into a world of wonder, and if ever you met a genie, you’ll almost know everything you need to know about managing wishes with a genie!


“Don’t tell me you don’t know what a genie is?”

“I don’t know,” I said, innocently.

The genie looked at me, desperate.

“Well…” he said, “Hum… usually, you can just ask me for your three wishes, and they will be granted.”

“Emmm… anything?”

“Anything!” approved the genie.

“Like three thousand candies?” I asked.

“Sometimes people ask more than that,” replied the genie.

“So… One million candies?” I asked.

The genie tapped his head.

“You cannot just ask something else than candies?”

“So, chocolates?” I asked.

“Well… You can wish for money so you can buy candies and chocolate, right? Usually, people ask for a lot of money; then they can buy chocolate and candies and then buy a boat, a castle, a mountain, an airplane! Got it?”

“So anything then?”


“What about changing Fred into a frog?” I asked.

“Who is Fred?” the genie asked

“Fred is the naughty boy in the whole world, a real troublemaker who disturb everyone and always runs after me at school!” I said.

“I can’t change people into frog…”

“Into a cow then?”

“No no no!”

“A bird?”


“A fly, a snake, a snail, a fox, a rabbit, a camel, a chicken, a koala, a monkey, a giraffe, a kangaroo…”

But every time, the genie shook his head.

“Why then, you said anything!” I argued.

“Anything apart changing people into animals!”

“But a snail is not an animal,” I said.


“A cactus then?” I asked.


“So complicated… that’s becoming boring,” I said, exhausted.

“It is not… Are there anything you ever wished to get in your life but couldn’t get because… well because you couldn’t get them?”

“I always get what I want.”


“Really!” I said, standing straight and being proud of my premise.

“How did you do that?”

“I write to Santa Claus and get the presents under the Christmas tree every time!”


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Novella: The Three Black Magicians

Genre: Humor, Magical Realism

Original Version: English

Words: +10000

Date of publication: August 2019

Production time: Approx 21 Hrs

«The Three Black Magicians» is Vianne’s  fifth and latest novella. These Black Magicians are very bad but the problem is they are far to be very well skilled at their black craft. They make mistakes over mistakes.
Vianne becomes one of a kind in the ridiculously humoristic genre. She is still young, but she is definitely a writer to follow.


While Malfoy, Leomund, and Munstrum hid under the table, Pallando Morton couldn’t see them. He went upstairs, taking his evening bath. After a few seconds, he came downstairs.

“I forgot the snake skins, the frog blood and two bat wings for my bath. That will be a relaxing time!”

“That’s disgusting!” whispered Munstrum.

A fairy entered by the window at that moment.

“Sure it will be!” answered a voice.

“Oh, hi Maggie! How was your evening?” asked Pallando.

“Nothing much to do!” said Maggie.

“Well, as usual. Let me take a bath and I’ll come down right away!”

“Sure, take your time,” said Maggie, sitting on the table.

From under it, the three friends came out.

“Hey, he is now upstairs, be quick. Take the magic book and let’s get out of here!” whispered Malfoy.

The fairy looked at them, surprised.

“What are you trying to do you guys?”

But she didn’t have time to warn Pallando, Malfoy took the fairy and put her in his mouth, swallowing all the way.

“Oh my God! You ate the fairy!” said Munstrum.

“I didn’t!” said Malfoy, while running away with the book.

“Don’t lie, I saw you, you ate her!” commented Munstrum. “Why did you do that?”

“I ate her because I hate her!”

Munstrum looked puzzled.

“What do you mean? I understood the first time, why repeating you ate her twice?”

Malfoy looked at him, then glanced at Leomund.

“Is there something I missed? Why he doesn’t understand?”

“Well, I don’t get it either,” admitted Leomund.

“Is there something complicated about I ate because I hate fairies?”

Leomund and Munstrum exclaimed at once.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh, now I get it!”

“Finally!” said Malfoy before keeping the way.

Leomund and Munstrum looked at each other, raising their shoulders. They didn’t get it.


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Novella: Tiana’s Story

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Original Version: English

Words: +11200

Date of publication: January 2020

Production time: Approx 26 Hrs

«Tiana’s Story» is Vianne’s sixth and latest novella. Tiana and her mom are going to live in a forest. However, life doesn’t turn the way the wanted. Different events will change and death is spread on their way.
Vianne explores the dramatic genre with this novella and depicts her characters with vivacity.


“Mom, can you hear? I heard footsteps.”

“Do your ears have something wrong?”

“I’m sure I heard footsteps just now.”


“Fine, mom. Don’t say, ‘Shhh…’ again.



“Don’t shout. Whisper.”

Tiana nodded. It became annoying to hear her mom saying “Shhh” at everything she said. She followed her, still looking around, even behind her. ‘We never know, maybe the deer may follow us,’ she thought.

They continue walking into the forest.

“Mom, I’m a bit scared.”


“I am sure I heard footsteps. What if it was a bear?”

The mom raised her head, scrutinizing around them. She looked back at Tiana.

“If it was a bear, it would be closer to us by now. But bears do not attack humans. In general, animals are scared of humans.”

“Even bears?”

“Even bears,” assured the mom.

“Hey! Do you see that? The deer!”

The mom aimed her weapon and pressed the trigger without hesitation. The loud detonation sound of the gun broke the silence of the forest. The birds stopped singing. It was a dead and strangely quiet moment. Tiana looked at the deer, falling slowly on its legs, then lying down on the ground.

The flames were cooking the deer. Tiana was speechless since the deer was dead. Her mom cut a piece of the meat and offer it to Tiana.

“Eat, you need forces and energy. We are in a forest and here it’s the law of the jungle, kill or be killed.”

“I don’t like this law,” Tiana murmured.

“Let’s see if we can find some veggies or fruits tomorrow, so we won’t only eat meat. Agree?”

Tiana nodded.


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Novella: The Colene Hill’s Case

Genre: Realistic Fiction, Crime

Original Version: English

Words: +13,100

Date of publication: July 2020

Production time: Approx 26 Hrs

The Colene Hill’s Case is a crime story. But there are 2 questions that looked like a mystery: who committed the crime, and why.



Some obese women were sitting in a doctor’s office, waiting for their turn to see the doctor, a specialist for losing weight. A few moments later, two other obese women entered in the waiting room. The thin receptionist raised the head and sighed.

“Good afternoon, do you have an appointment?”

“Yes, Colene Hill.”

“Is this your name?”

“Of course not, I am Amina Hill. Colene is my daughter’s name.”

“Where is she?”

“But, she’s here, you don’t see her?”

“Oh, I thought she was a lady, sorry about it. What’s the reason of your visit?”

Colene was bored. “Seems I am too fat, isn’t it obvious?”

The receptionist widened the eyes. “Well, I don’t really know. If you feel well the way you are, I think that’s the most important, right?”

Amina became angry. “And what about all these women sitting over there, you think they are happy to be so biggy biggy fat? Rather than saying anything, why don’t you tell her she is too fat?”


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Novella: Lily and the Candyosaurus

Genre: Humor, Drama

Original Version: English

Words: +15000

Date of publication: December 2020

Production time: Approx 22 Hrs

«Lily and the Candyosaurus» is a funny story. Three girls spent their summer vacation on a weird island filled with rubbish and found a dinosaur egg. What may happen then? Vianne shows once again her humoristic talent beyond imagination. She is definitely talented!


“Clean the beach, then you will have a spot just for you!” Dad shouted.
“That’s disgusting, aren’t we at DRT beach?” Jenny murmured.
Suddenly, Lily widened her eyes. “I know now!”
“What do you know? Where to put all this garbage?” Holly said.
“No, I mean I know what DRT means.”
“Isn’t it supposed to mean Dusk Ride Tale beach?” Jenny replied.
“No, it means DIRTY Beach.”
The girls were speechless for a second, then all of them laughed. They slapped a high five.“
Daddy, help us clean the beach!” Holly shouted.
Dad came out of the house, put a chair on the balcony and sat.


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