Young Author: Vianne Lam Vianne Lam is, by January 2020, 9 years old. At first, she didn’t want to write any story, but after a while, she simply said: «I don’t know how to write a story… ». That was her debut as a Young Author in 2018, at 7 years old. Vianne Lam lives in Hong Kong. Her big sister Marjorie is also a writer, a productive one! Vianne loves to go to school, enjoys skipping with her jumping rope, and computer games. She also likes to watch the cartoons on TV. However, she doesn’t know what she would like to be as a grown up. She still has time! She works on her novella at each lesson, being involved and attracted to develop it and making it dramatic… or funny. «The Princess and the Witch » is Vianne’s first story. A witch wants to steal the power and

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