Tony likes to read books that include a lot of risks, have not many characters, and have cool stuff in them (like magical powers, guns, robots…etc). His favorite book is «Spirals of Time» because it has lots of actions, dumb stuff, and a super cool time machine! No wonder he wrote it!

Tony joined the Young Author tribe in April 2020, as well as his brother Edison. From that moment, he started the process and wrote this fantastic journey through time, joined with robots, and of course, a bad guy.

After he finished “Spirals of time”, he began “The Chaos Whisperers”, another book, more ambitious, more action, and more dystopian!

Novella: Spirals of Time

Genre: Science-Fiction, Adventure

Original Version: English

Words: +15,100

Date of publication: October 2020

Production time: Approx 41 Hrs

What if you were able to travel through time but being limited to 2 specific period of time. This is what happened to two genius boys. They are going to find a way to be free and travel through time as they want. But a powerful and dangerous man doesn’t see that the same way.


Hi King arrived in the receptor room. There were 3 main robots turning and swirling here and there around a long device, fixing, drilling, soldering and pressing to adjust different parts of what looked like a strange machine.
“Hey, Hi King, you’re back!” his best friend Cheng said.
“Right, I am! When can we do a trial?”
“I guess we can do it today.”
Hi King looked at the robot. “Isaac, should I do the trial?”
“According to the calculation and the estimation we had done, a human like you shall not do the trial, it is too dangerous, risking too much.”
“So should I let you do it?”
“No, I am also too important in this mission, I need to verify everything, keep the report updated, and fix the machine…”


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Novella: The Chaos Whisperers

Genre: Science-Fiction, Adventure

Original Version: English

Words: +14,000

Date of publication: June 2021

Production time: Approx 50 Hrs

“The Chaos Whisperers”! It’s about a time in the future where chaos became the law. A secret organization, having infiltrated government, agencies and security, was ruining everyone’s life. Death was at every corner of the city.


Once in front of the macabre doors of the morgue, they pushed them. The smell rushed into their nostrils. “Here we go again,” William said while entering the whole well-known place. “Never liked that smell.”

“Kind of the best way to wake up from the dead,” James said, smiling.

“Never mind…” Will glanced at the coroner. “Still the same perfume doc, you should change once in a while, you know?”

The coroner raised his head. “Hi Will, long time no see.”

“Right, last week only. I wondered why I took this stupid and boring job.”

“You love it! Here’s your client,” the doc said while flipping the blanket up.
The man with the TCW letters printed deeply on the forehead appeared.

“That’s him. The guy that had an obsidian in his body,” James said.

The doc looked at William, “Really? Obsidian?” he said while pulling a scanner above the body. “Let’s see what our patient wants to let us know.”

“You have such a way to talk, doc.”

“Thanks Will, I’ll take it as a compliment.”


Click here or on the book to download the ebook (pdf format).