Terrence Kwan lives in Hong Kong with his family. He likes a lot a specific winter sport: Snowboarding! As soon as there are winter holidays, he flies to Japan with his family and goes down the hills. When he doesn’t go to school and doesn’t do his homework (who likes?), he plays video games or just chatting with his friend on the Internet, listening rap music from YouTube, or just surfing. Terence came to the creative writing process during the end of the school year 2018. As every young author, he didn’t know how to do, what to write and how to proceed. Slowly, he learned the process of getting ideas, structuring them, and following them. «The Magic Well» was born through different ideas put together. His fertile imagination needed to put words according to his main ideas which are not something too easy, mainly when you want to go on the wild side of the world!
However, mission accomplished. His story is completed.

Terrence said he wanted to continue his young career as a writer. In the meantime, you can take a look at his big brother’s page, Lawrence Kwan, who also wrote his first story.

Novella: The Magic Well

Genre: Fantasy

Original Version: English

Words: 3,200

Date of publication: December 2018

Production time: Approx 39 Hrs

“The Magic Well” is the story of a little boy who wishes to become a superhero. However, the life of being a superhero is not what he thought. Can he reverse the spell and come back to his normal little boy life?


The robber took out his gun and fired, but Hopman jumped faster up behind the man. I a fast kick, he threw the man on the ground. With another kick, he pushed away the gun from his hand.

“Soon, your career wil be done, robber!”

In the theater, a little boy was smiling. The movie ended. All the people went out.

“OMG! I wish I could be that lazy boy!” Louis exclaimed. “Nobody would suspect I am in fact a powerful superhero.”

“Yeah, that was awesome,” Jack, his best friend, commented.

“I’d like to be one too…”


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