Young Author: Sophie Huang Hi, I’m Sophie Huang and I am 11 years (April 2019) old. I enjoy reading but when I am not, I like to play the piano (I am in grade 8 ABRSM level). I love to paint, draw and sketch. I’ve designed T-shirts and dresses (for fun). I like sports, such as football, running, netball, basketball, swimming, aquathlon and cricket. I also like to go out and help charities that are trying to make a difference in our world. I’ve been to impact HK that helps homeless people, HK dog rescue, Sai Kung stray friends and LAP that helps stray dogs. We made donations to help some charities. Another thing I really like is baking and cooking,  so I might make breakfasts for my parents and I. I always liked to write and why not writing a novella! So, in January 2019, I started a strange

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