Young Author: Ryan Chen Ryan Chen is 8 years old. He really enjoys reading chapter books. He enjoys reading books from the “Horrible Geography” series and fact books. He doesn’t really like any author. He likes playing video games, reading, football and his favorite subject at school is math. He also likes chatting with friends and going to school (sometimes). One of his hobbies is just reading peacefully for a long time. Another hobby is listening to music. His favorite song is “Pacific Rim” by Ramin Djawadi and “Arabian Nights” by Alan Menkens (from Aladdin movie 2019). Another hobby is also building and playing with his LEGO. He can play LEGO for an hour without getting bored. He likes playing basketball with Andy Pan and Julian Park (Julian is the referee). He mostly wins because Andy always randomly laughs so he can get the ball easily and score. He enjoyed

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