Ryan Chen was 8 years old when he joined the Young Author in March 2019. He really enjoys reading chapter books. He enjoys reading books from the “Horrible Geography” series and fact books. He doesn’t really have any specific author.

He likes playing video games, reading, football and his favorite subject at school is math. He also likes chatting with friends and going to school (sometimes).

One of his hobbies is just reading peacefully for a long time. Another hobby is listening to music. His favorite song is “Pacific Rim” by Ramin Djawadi and “Arabian Nights” by Alan Menkens (from Aladdin movie 2019). Another hobby is also building and playing with his LEGO. He can play LEGO for an hour without getting bored.

He likes playing basketball with Andy Pan and Julian Park (Julian is the referee). He mostly wins because Andy always randomly laughs so he can get the ball easily and score.

He enjoyed making “Bones of the Sahara” that he has written while his friends Marcus Chan and Andy Pan were writing theirs in a weekly dedicated creative writing session. But Ryan talks too much and puts lots of details. If he didn’t have talked too much, he could’ve finished his book quicker than it actually did.

Novella: Bones of the Sahara

Genre: Science Fiction

Original Version: English

Words: +5400

Date of publication: June 2019

Production time: Approx 27 Hrs

“Bones of the Sahara” is the story of a team of 30 students, from the still famous Harvard University, who heard Professor Adam, paleontology geek/professor, saying that there’s treasure in the Sahara. The team checked it out and headed to the Sahara. They faced lots of challenges and lost many lives in the process but still they succeeded to put the hand down the treasure. Are you going to follow their journey and find out what the treasure is?


A tall skinny woman, about 35 years old, walked over.

“What do you want my good sir?” began Ellie, the head scientist.

“Are we allowed to use the University satellite?” asked Hugo, hopefully.

“Certainly, but you have to ask the president, Lawrence Cow,” answered Ellie.

The party made their way to Lawrence’s office.

“Hey sir, are we allowed to use the satellite to find the treasure that is hidden in the Sahara, please?” pleaded Hugo.

He was so busy with his work he just nodded in reply.

They soon were back in the satellite room.

“How the heck do you work this thing!” yelled Hugo impatiently.

It was so loud a scientist came to check what was happening.

“Um… What seems to be the problem and what are you doing here?” asked the confused scientist.


“Look, Hugo, just let me speak for you. Go to that corner and calm down,” interrupted his friend, Luke Skymarcher.

“Alright sir, how do you make the satellite work?” he asked nicely, unlike Hugo.

The scientist pressed some random buttons and a picture of Earth came upon a big view screen in front of them.

“Where do you want to scan?”

“The Sahara Desert, like the whole thing,” replied Luke.

They tried scanning it but it kept on saying, ‘ERROR DETECTED. PLEASE TRY AGAIN’

“Now what? UHHH. This is going to take forever!” muttered Luke.

“Can I come back now? It’s very boring here,” growled Hugo.

Everyone turned around.

“Oh yeah, I nearly forgot about you!” lied Luke. “Yeah, you can come out now.”

Hugo came closer and glanced at the computer screen.

“The error can be bypassed easily,” he said.

“How can you do that young man?” asked the scientist.

“Easy…” replied Hugo.

As a math specialist, he was able to understand how a computer manages information. He opened a new window, entered several formulas very quickly and closed it.

“Here… it’s done now.”

“What did you do?” murmured Luke, not wanting to be heard by the scientist.

“I spoke to the computer,” said Hugo. “Now you can try again.”

Luke operated and conduct the satellite scanner towards the Sahara. Against all the odds, the picture showed the Sahara and its underground.


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