Nicole Gao was 10 years old (October 2019) when she began her book. She lives in Hong Kong and has a little brother. She is now in secondary school. She likes watching good movies like Harry Potter.

She also enjoys reading and writing. She prefers adventures, mysteries, and humorous stories.

“Blood” was her first book and as her first writing, she mixed different kinds of genres. Mixing science, love romance, and humor is definitely a nice combination!

However, as secondary school is demanding, she can’t find time to write another book. However, writing becomes an asset to succeed in a subject, no matter the subject!

Novella: Blood

Genre: Science Fiction, Romance

Original Version: English

Words: +9500

Date of publication: April 2020

Production time: Approx 39 Hrs

Ben is a scientist. At school, he was considered a nerd. In fact, he was and still is, always looking for something that nobody thought before.
And he met Candy who was a newcomer at his school. However, Ben has a twin brother who is completely the opposite of him. He is a sporty guy. Candy didn’t want to choose between both as she likes very much Ben, but this one became more and more distant with her. She finally ended up with Dan. What was Ben going to do to get back Candy? Was he going to use a special potion that took many years to make?

This science-love-humoristic genre is quite funny to read!


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