Marjorie Lam works hard on her novellas. She really loves writing stories and enjoys creating thrillers or challenging scenes. She is a prolific writer! But how to be so productive? Who is she?

Since October 2018, Marjorie Lam is 10 years old. She is an ordinary and pretty normal girl. She really enjoys reading novels and the genre doesn’t matter. What does she like to read? The series “The Land of Stories”, a series of books, are her favorite novels.

And… she reads all the time. Who said a good writer is before all a good reader? In her case, she is… both! The first time I met her, she was writing stories in her Ipad. An another time, she was reading a book, not the ones for children, a thick one of 4 to 5 hundred pages. Is Marjorie a simple dedicated writer? All we know, she writes a lot!… And she reads a lot too! What a dilemma!

However, we can assume she has other activities. She enjoys  to play with her little sister, Vianne, who is also a young author. She likes to play at the playground too, playing badminton and having fun in the swimming pool.

She likes to go to school and meets all her friends. She also plays the piano and later, as she admitted she is scared of blood (but many people die in her stories), she would prefer to be a lawyer.

 “Mystery at the Mansion” was her first thriller, her first novella written during summer 2017. She was very proud of this story and worked very hard to get it done.

As she really loves writing stories, she started right away on another one. It is in the same genre than “Mystery at the Mansion”. But as a second book, she wanted to make the story longer and create a bigger suspense. “The Lost Father” required several months of hard work, sharing her time between school, homework, studies, piano, reading, and obviously, writing! But the less we can say, “The Lost Father” confirms the thriller Marjorie’s genre in which she excels. 

Her third novella is definitely another genre, but suspense plus a pinch of thriller take part in this new story. It is also longer and required research, reading, and thinking: The essential ingredients to make a good story! “The Quest of the Missing Pearl” lets you discover some secrets behind one of the famous legends.

During summer 2018, Marjorie wrote her fourth novella, “The Heir of the Magic”. Two girls, twins, disappear in the Fairy Tale World. What may happen will surprise you and what you believed to be true… well you’ll see!

From September 2018 to March 2019, she wrote her fifth novella which became by far the longest one. She used her skill and experience from previous books to write “The Legacy”, requiring timing and research for locations, hotels, description and, of course, a good imagination. Scarlet has to travel in several countries to inherit from her father’s fortune, but the journey is demanding. How her father is going to wake her up to embrace the life she merits? A story to read!

From March 2019, right after “The Legacy”, Marjorie started the writing of her sixth novella which used her signature genre: thriller, suspense and mystery. She finished the writing in August 2019. “The Arcane Kingdom” hid several secrets from two kingdoms, who apparently are ennemies. After the King’s death, an investigator digged and found out secrets that both Kingdoms didn’t want to be revealed.

It was followed with her next novella, “Desperate Love.” Another thriller and the least we can say, it goes right in the “thriller” genre.

In January 2020, Marjorie knew she was going to enter in secondary school for the next school year and probably she wouldn’thave so much time for writing. That was going to be her last novella… for the moment. However, she was more than ready to do a Master Author formation and write a fantastic story, mixing fantaisy, thriller with what is usually called an anti-hero.”Ephemar” was born. It is more than worth to read it. This is a mixed genre book, parallel stories between two worlds. Which one is the good one?

You may think Marjorie takes a break at the moment, but she is focusing on her studies and keeps writing essays. She is still at work! Maybe she will decide to publish her essays later, let’s see, we never know!

Novella: Mystery at the Mansion

Genre: Mystery, Crime

Original Version: English

Words: +3000

Date of publication: September 2017

Production time: Approx 7 Hrs

Mystery at the Mansion” is a thriller in 6 chapters. This is a 23 pages booklet where the story begins with the murder of a little boy during the night even though the house was secured and protected by 2 guards, and several servants and employes were in their living quarters. Early in the following morning, Inspector Peter is called. A long and difficult investigation begins. Who killed the boy and why?


« A kid… This doesn’t make any sense… » Thought Peter.  After few seconds, he asked:

« Any witness? »

« Not as far as I know… » replied Billy.

« Who was here last night? »

« As usual, servants, guards, helpers… the usual staff », said Billy, confused by the death of his son.

« So how this could happen then? » asked the inspector.

« Surely someone from the inside took part of this », thought Peter.

The investigation won’t be easy as many suspects had many reasons to steal 1 million dollars. But why killing a boy? How the murderer entered in the house? How did he know the way up the second floor to the boy’s room? Follow the investigation to find out about this sordid case.


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Novella: The Lost Father

Genre: Thriller, Crime

Original Version: English

Words: +5300

Date of publication: January 2018

Production time: Approx 11 Hrs

“The Lost Father” is another thriller which contains more than 5300 words, in 11 chapters, for a total of 39 pages. This is the story of 2 children and their mom during a picnic. The little brother wants to take a look and play in an old house. His sister disallows him to do so, but suddenly, he disappears in the abandonned house. His mum and his sister look for him and all of them become prisonners in the house. Who keeps them and how are they going to get out of there ?


At night, John helped Rose and his mom to untie the ropes. They climbed up to the window and jumped down. The dungeon wasn’t very high from the ground, only few feet. Rose escaped first, John followed and Mom was last. Unfortunately, the man was on the ground, waiting for them.

“I knew you were going to escape by the window! I heard all of your conversation!” the man said, glaring at them.  “Now, you cannot escape anymore and will stay forever in this house! Ha ha ha ha ha…”

The man’s smile was terrible, his teeth were so black. Rose and her mom clearly saw the scar on his face.

“Mom, John, now we can’t escape, because we talked too loudly!” Rose said, turning to her mom and John. She frowned at them. Rose pointed to John.  “Here! The silly idea! Why don’t you open the lock instead?”

“I’m sorry that I played here, Mom, Rose. It’s my fault, please forgive me,” John wept.  “Oh, now I hope we’re still at home, and playing a game! Why did we come here? It is just a silly place!”


However, their jailer seems to keep them alive, but why?


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Novella: The Missing Pearl

Genre: Historical Fiction

Original Version: English

Words: +8200

Date of publication: June 2018

Production time: Approx 19 Hrs

“The Missing Pearl” is Marjorie’s third book. What happens when four kids fall on the path of the famous Arthur’s legend? Would they face the dangers during their quest? Are they going to discover some secrets no one knows? Read the story and find out more! This story written in 13 chapters for a total of 57 pages, is Marjorie’s last novella before summer holidays.


The camp director lets the students settle up and started talking about what was going to happen for the weekend.

“Students, we’re going to have a wonderful weekend. Your teachers and some volunteers, your parents, helped to prepare for the first game. This is called – Find the Treasure!”

All the students cheered up loudly.

The director continued, explaining the rules. Mary, Peter, Lily, and Tom were listening carefully, not to miss anything.

“I placed five bags of candies in the forest, and you should find them. No more than four students per group.”

Mary, Peter, Lily, and Tom looked at each other.

“Yes!” they shouted at once.

They were exactly four, and that kind of game was right what they were waiting for. They walked along the muddy road in the direction of the forest. Suddenly, they saw a kind of big hole along the mountain before entering the forest.

“A cave!” Lily said with her bright blue eyes twinkling. “Maybe we can find some bags of candies inside!”

“Or more… some secrets!” said Tom.

“Yes! Wow! That sounds much more interesting and intriguing!” Peter said. “Come on. Even though we can’t find any treasures, surely we can have more fun to explore it too, right?”

“I’m always on for this kind of adventure,” said Tom.

“And what about the quest?” asked Lily.

“Oh let’s see how it goes, surely we can catch them up later,” said Peter.

Tom and Mary agreed and once at the entrance of the cave, they bravely went inside its darkness.


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Novella: The Heir of the Magic

Genre: Fairy Tale

Original Version: English

Words: +10200

Date of publication: September 2018

Production time: Approx 12 Hrs

“The Heir of the Magic” is Marjorie’s fourth novella.

Two girls, twins, are thrown in the Fairy Tale World. What may happen will surprise you and what you believed to be true… well you’ll see! They meet several famous characters and the way they belong is not what is said in the fairytales. Are they playing a role? Catnip and Clover, the twins, go from surprise to astonishment. The fairytale world is all but ordinary.


In the Southern Kingdom, a boy with a stack of newspapers was yelling.

“News! News! Queen Sleeping Beauty…No spoilers!”

It seemed to catch most of the town people’s eyes.

“Queen Sleeping Beauty’s mystery!”

Many people turned their attention to him, and some bought a newspaper to find out the truth of what’s going on with the elegant queen.

“Shall we buy a newspaper to check out, just in case?” Catnip whispered to her twin. “After all, maybe there’s a fairy hotline we could call! Or what’s going to this place we’re gonna stay, anyways.”

“You’ve got money?” Clover shot back.

“Jane from the Weather forest gave us a lot to spend.”

“Maybe it’s like China and America! They use different notes,” Clover snapped.

“I am going to try.”

Catnip offered the boy a penny, and the boy handed her a newspaper. “Thanks,” he grunted and turned to other people.

“See? It’s as easy as…” Her voice faded when she saw the headline: QUEEN SLEEPING BEAUTY DISAPPEARED. She gasped.

“That was quite news to you, isn’t it?” the boy selling newspaper said. “Thanks to you, I sold the last of the stupid papers!”

Catnip nodded.

“What’s your name?” the boy asked.

“Clover and Catnip.”

“My name is Jack.”

“What? Jack? You mean, are you the Jack and the Beanstalk?”

“People used to make stories of mine; I can’t stand it! But yes, I am, and it is the story of mine. Nice to meet you.”

“I thought you were rich after having the golden harp and the chicken which lays golden eggs.”

“Well, yes, my mother sell them, but as someone told me to sell newspapers, I just do it to earn some pocket money to buy sweets.” he shrugged.


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Novella: The Legacy

Genre: Quest

Original Version: English

Words: +34000

Date of publication: April 2019

Production time: Approx 46 Hrs

“The Legacy” is Marjorie’s fifth novella and by far, the longest one.

“The Legacy” is Scarlet’s unique quest. She is Kurt Saunders’s daughter, a famous and rich writer. However, his life is going to an end and wonders what kind of heritage he should leave. Scarlet, on her side, doesn’t read and doesn’t write at all, but like many people, she spoiled her gift, loses her time and tries to survive in a day after day routine, hopelessly. How Kurt is going to wake her up and push her to embrace the life she merits when the same life is quitting him? Follow Scarlet Saunders through an incredible journey, where she will meet particular people who, in their way, will provide help and guidance towards a future she may deserve.



“Again! Who’s that?” Scarlet shouted while getting up impatiently.

She opened the door.

“May I?” she was told.

A man with brown hair walked in, without getting the permission to enter. Scarlet noticed the thick stack of paper in his hand. She opened her hand, letting him inside.

“Why not?” she said ironically. “You’re already in any way!”

‘I’m sorry to arrive so early, but I’m on a special duty Miss Saunders,” the man said. “I am Ivan Lansky. Your father…”

“Yes, what is it?” Scarlet said, interrupting him while going to the bathroom.

The man instinctively followed her. Scarlet turned to him.

“May I pee alone?”

“Erg… Yes… sorry,” said the man, stepping back.

She closed the door.

“My father went to his writing work, and everything happens to be excluding me, as usual. I don’t live with him for ages, so what’s the matter then?” shouted Scarlet from the bathroom.

The man coughed and shook his head.

“I am afraid he’s not at work, he was at the hospital for many days if not weeks, not feeling well at all, Miss. And just a few hours ago, unfortunately, he passed away.”

Scarlet opened the bathroom door, slowly, toothbrush in one hand. She gasped, mouth full of toothpaste.

“What… You must be kidding me,” she said, breathing heavily.

The man looked at her with pity.

“I am your father’s assistant. We need to talk and…”

“Talk? What are you saying… You tell me my father died this morning and…  and I haven’t changed and… everything. And you want to talk? Gee… and wait a minute… I… He… .”

Scarlet fell on the sofa and buried the face in her hands, still holding her toothbrush. Tears rolled on her cheeks.

“Hum…” the man said. “Sorry Miss, I mean, in the coming days would surely be more appropriate, Miss. I… I leave now… you need a moment to yourself. There is a ceremony tomorrow followed with the burial at the cemetery, according to your father’s last wish.  After it, we can meet, if you feel better. I mean, this is for the document… to explain to you…” he said, tapping on the stack of paper. “For the legacy… you know what I mean… I’ll leave it at the lawyer’s office…”

Scarlet raised her head, bit her lip. “Legacy… Okay, I see…”


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Novella: The Arcane Kingdom

Genre: Crime, Investigation

Original Version: English

Words: +21700

Date of publication: August 2019

Production time: Approx 20 Hrs

“The Arcane Kingdom” is Marjorie’s sixth novella.

“The Arcane Kingdom” is a story where a prince falls in love with the princess of a nearby kingdom. But the prince’s father becomes angry and does not permit any more relationship with the princess. «It is a forbidden relationship!» Soon after, he dies in strange circumstances. Investigations from a curious inspector will put a light on somber mysteries that no one wanted to tell.


 “What do we need to talk about?” the prince asked angrily. “And why shouldn’t I talk with Khari or try to get in touch with her?”

“Listen. If you marry her, we need to share kingdoms. Got it?”

“So, what is the problem?”

“It’s for your own good, we need to think about the future of our kingdom.”

“Right. Future is aiming to peace, and peace means sharing!” relied the prince, proudly.

“I strongly disagree on sharing our kingdom with some small kingdom like that. It’s our loss,” the King explained. “If you marry her, we share kingdoms. On the other hand, Khari Hancover’s mother is against this idea as well.”

“Why? I think she would be happy to have a bigger kingdom. It means she can be stronger and more powerful! Why be against this relationship then?” Prince Edred cried.

“Well, I don’t really know,” lied the King. “But when you were born, we went on war, one against the other, and her husband, King Ancil Hancover, was killed. Since that moment, she hated this kingdom, Ayala, our kingdom. Do you understand?”

“No, I don’t. What’s past is past. Who killed the King? Just imprison the killer and all is fine!”

“You will never understand. The Queen doesn’t like this at all. She did find out the killer at last. But she didn’t imprison the killer. The killer is far too important.”


The King inhaled deeply and revealed the secret. “It’s me.” 


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Novella: Desperate Love

Genre: Crime, Investigation

Original Version: English

Words: +20,700

Date of publication: February 2020

Production time: approx. 26 hrs

“Desperate Love” is Marjorie’s seventh novella, another thriller which Marjorie’s favorite genre. A killer invaded a city and killed several young girls, one after the other. What is the denomitor point that links these girls? Time is counting before the killer makes another victim. Will the investigator be able to find this criminal?

Marjorie has reached the skill of a unique signature. But, don’t be confused by her age, Marjorie Lam’s genre is unique as well as her way to tell stories.


 Connor arrived one hour later than the meeting time.

As he was familiar with the police department, he found the meeting room No. 7A on the seventh floor without any problem. The superintendent and several police officers were already there. He knocked at the door.


Connor stepped into the room. “Sorry. There was a car accident,” he apologized.

The superintendent smiled and stood up, offering the hand.

“I am Kelan McDonnell. I hope you still remember me. Remember the last case we solved together? We almost chased the killer for six months!” he said non-stop like a speaking machine.

Connor, surprised at first, gave a polite laugh.

“Of course I still remember. That was a really tricky case, even though six months was short for this complicated case.”

Kelan grinned and patted the chair next to him. “I saved you a seat.”

Connor greeted with a ‘hello’ to everyone in the room before sitting.

“Let me summarize as this is a very strange case too. The victim is Amanda Sheppard. The crime scene is taped and protected by some policemen. I hope you can go there and check it out.” Kelan slid some papers to Connor. “Information about the crime, photos in the envelope. You ought to check it.”

Name of victim: Amanda Sheppard

Age: 31

Job: Nurse



It was a very brief report. He opened the envelope and glanced at the several pictures of a young but dead woman.

“So she’s… Going back home when the crime happened. Tragically, no CCTVs showed any videos of her going home. She chose an alley because it is the shortest way,” Kelan informed Connor.

“What about the teddy bear?” Connor asked, curious.


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Novella: Ephemar, the Journey to the Sword

Genre: Fantasy, Thriller

Original Version: English

Words: +33200

Date of publication: November 2020

Production time: Approx 34 Hrs

“Ephemar, the Journey to the Sword” is Marjorie’s eighth novella and by far, one of the most challenging story. 

What does it feel to reach the other side of the world, the one we fear more than anything else?

Arwyn Macleod is one of the few who reached a world beyond imagination where he horribly died and woke up in sweat with a pounding heart. Night after night, the nightmare kept going until he understood his mission.

That was more than a quest, more than just a crusade. Was he the elect predicted and called? He could find the answer in a prophecy long time scripted but Arwyn Mcleod was the most feared kid and at the sight of Olis, one of the most powerful Mogouls, he just wanted to die and never come back in Ephemar.


He ran up the steps that led him face to a precipice. His eyes lost their sight in the darkness of the void. His heart was racing. The creatures were on the steps. ‘Live or die,’ he thought.

The creatures reached the cliff. They edged closely to the boy. He stepped back.

“Come on, little boy. Tell me. Why are you here? You don’t belong to the Xystons. I can tell. No armour to protect you? How funny.”

The boy closed his eyes, stepped back, lost his balance, slipped and a second later, fell. A long scream echoed from the darkness. “AHHHH!”


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