Young Author: Marjorie Lam Marjorie Lam works hard on her novellas. She really loves writing stories and enjoys creating thrillers or challenging scenes. She is a prolific writer! But how to be so productive? Who is she? Since October 2018, Marjorie Lam is 10 years old. She is an ordinary and pretty normal girl. She really enjoys reading novels and the genre doesn’t matter. What does she like to read? The series “The Land of Stories”, a series of books, are her favorite novels. And… she reads all the time. Who said a good writer is before all a good reader? In her case, she is… both! The first time I met her, she was writing stories in her Ipad. An another time, she was reading a book, not the ones for children, a thick one of 4 to 5 hundred pages. Is Marjorie a simple dedicated writer? All we know, she

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