Marcus Chan was 8 years old when he joined the Young Author tribe in February 2019. He doesn’t really have any hobbies but he used to play with perler beads which require lots of fine motor skills. What more? He likes sitting in front of his computer, surfing the Internet, and finding nice backgrounds for his laptop.

He also likes doing research about things, such as floods, volcanoes, hurricanes, and how they happen. He enjoys especially when you have some specific questions that you have to answer. Welcome to School Projects!

He sometimes likes to work with a partner so that they can share information. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one!

He likes playing video games, football, and his favorite subject at school is math. He loves chatting with friends, maybe too much as he is very talkative, listening to music and going to school.

He is an avid reader. He likes chapter books and he puts a hand on them whenever he has the chance to do so. Moreover, the genre doesn’t matter as long as the story is interesting. His favorite books are the ones from the series “Heroes of Olympus”. He likes the author Rick Riordan.

He wrote «The Alien Takeover» in Spring 2019, while his friends Andy Pan and Ryan Chen were writing their own stories. He enjoyed the experience of making a book because he could reflect on all his mistakes such as not including enough action, failing to write people dying, and making intense fiction.

What happens in «The Alien Takeover» may surprise you and what you believed to be true… well you’ll see!

Novella: The Alien Takeover

Genre: Science Fiction

Original Version: English

Words: +9900

Date of publication: June 2019

Production time: Approx 33 Hrs

«The Alien Takeover» is the story of Aliens making a wormhole into the crust of the Earths to steal its ressources. Their planet is dying. However, things will not turn out to make their plan works. Oscar is the main character who reports this unconventional  journey. Written with sometimes humor, sometimes with challenging situation, the characters are not so brave as they look like at first sight.


It all started when a satellite found this special hot place with a wormhole. They sent us to get into that wormhole to see what was going on. Just as we sent the information, Rebecca was going crazy since she was just about to finish her kryptonite statue.

On his side, Brian was very very scared as this is his first time on a mission. After all of his training, and it was very exhausting, he still wanted to help. However, he agreed with a few dot dot dots at the end.

Me, by the way, I am Oscar, leader of this group. I’m the one writing this report. I think the technical aspect of the ship is just overpowered as it’s the only ship that can carry 100,000 volts of power. The team were just planning what to do in the spaceship. So what about me? I’m just helping with the tech and the suits that we’ll have to wear if ever we have to step out from this spaceship. We’re working with the company that everyone knows, NASA. It’s pretty obvious since it’s the only company that really leads people to space missions. Since space is kinda similar to underwater areas, they know the most. I am a soldier, part of the U.S. army, which is amazing, right? That’s probably the only reason why they chose me to be the leader.

Rebecca is only an ordinary technologist who builds robots. She joined this group called techno-time cooperation where they make new types of computers. But don’t minimize her knowledge. She is a brilliant scientific innovator. I think the only reason why they chose her is she’s the only one confident enough we could find to do this mission. If she heard me, she wouldn’t agree.

Alfred, well, he just keeps trying to change the subject. At the moment to write this, I’m not expressing or gossiping it, it’s real. When we’re talking about something very important, he especially argues with Rebecca for the only weird reason she never wears a scientist coat. However, we needed him because he’s a mathematician, the math included in this ship. But I admit he’s a genius as he created a type of math called Pythonical Simplifying, a progressive approach to solve complex calculations in a fraction of time.

By the way, I usually live in New York, but since we’re on a mission to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, we have been relocated to Alaska. That’s the closest country to the wormhole made into the Pacific. Brian usually lives in Los Angeles, Rebecca is from England, Alfred was born in the USA, but lives in Hong Kong. After all, because we all lived in different places, it was pretty hard to communicate, especially with Alfred, living on the other side of the planet.


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