Young Author: Lawrence Kwan Lawrence Kwan lives in Hong Kong with his family. He enjoys sports like golf, but in winter, he travels to snowboard the hills in Japan. He enjoys this sport like his little brother, Terrence Kwan, who is also a young writer. When he doesn’t go to school, involved in school projects, or downhill with his snowboard, he likes a lot reading novels. Two of his favorite genres are adventure and action stories. In the meantime, like many students, he spent time crafting his novella.   Lawrence dived in the creative writing process in April 2018. He wanted to write a novella. Although he didn’t know how to aboard the process of writing, he had, and still has, great ideas. And why not writing in a genre he likes so much? So here is the thriller «Who Killed Jeff?» Novella: Who Killed Jeff? Genre: Thriller Original Version:

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