Young Author: Kurtis Tsui Kurtis Tsui was 8 years old when he took part in the Young Authors course. In fact, Kurtis became the first student in June 2017. The reason is quite simple as his school went on summer holidays much before many other schools! Kurtis began his 3rd grade in September 2017. Apart from writing, he likes reading books like the Andy Griffiths’s book “The 39-Storey Treehouse”. He also likes techno music from Marshmello (see the pic!), video games, watching TV and mainly the cartoon, and Lego toys.  Kurtis is also a quick learner. At school or at home, he thinks and deducts things quite fastly and some other times, he doesn’t get it at all! Is he just a simple boy? In fact, we don’t really know if he is a genius but the least we can say, he is very good at calculating degrees! “Love Story”

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