Kurtis Tsui was 8 years old when he took part in the Young Authors course. In fact, Kurtis became the first student in June 2017. The reason is quite simple as his school went on summer holidays much before many other schools!

Kurtis began his 3rd grade in September 2017. Apart from writing, he likes reading books like Andy Griffiths’s book “The 39-Storey Treehouse”. He also likes techno music from Marshmello (see the pic!), video games, watching TV and mainly the cartoon, and Lego toys. 

Kurtis is also a quick learner. At school or at home, he thinks and deducts things quite fastly and some other times, he doesn’t get it at all! Is he just a simple boy? In fact, we don’t really know if he is a genius but the least we can say, he is very good at calculating degrees!

“Love Story” has nothing to do with Maths! Surprisingly, as a first novella, and among all students, he was the only one for the summer to write a love story.  Maybe he’s not a genius but a precocious boy? Anyway, Kurtis liked the experience of writing even though he was very busy. Unfortunately, the school year kept and still keeps him very busy to have the time to write another novella.

Novella: Love Story

Genre: Love Story

Original Version: English

Words: +1700

Date of publication: June 2017

Production time: Approx 12 Hrs

“Love Story” is the story of a shy, simple, and young man in love with the beautiful Lily. From rich she was, one night, a robber went to her house and stole everything. She became poor. But Kurtis wanted to help. Will he succeed in his quest to save the poor Lily? One thing that made Kurtis able to face many dangers was the beauty of Lily. Kurtis was in love with her.  Will he succeed to discover the culprit? Who is he?

The book contains games and activities drawn and made by the author.


Lily became more and more hungry. Someone was knocking on her door.

— Good morning Lily! said Kurtis. How come you look so pale?

— How would you feel if someone steals all your money?

— Oh! How may I help you?

— Nothing… said Lily sadly.

Two hours later, Kurtis came back with a cake. When Lily opened the door, she was very surprised.

— Oh! Thank you! You’re so kind… but unfortunately, this won’t be enough.

Kurtis was very sad after leaving her home.

“I’m the poorest man in the world… What I’m going to do?”

In the meantime, Lily went to a shop and stole some food. The owner of the shop caught her robbing food.

— Hey! You! Come back here right away!

But Lily escaped as quickly as possible. The owner ran after her.


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