Justin Lee was 9 years old at the moment he began his 4th grade in September 2017 in Hong Kong. He enjoys life as it is just like any other boy! He reads a lot, and he participates in the « School Book Fight Club ». Being part of this club means you have to read many books, up to 20, and understand them to be able to fight against other teams or schools! Apart from these books, Justin likes to read the Warriors book series and Mystery novels. Such a reader! His imagination is fertile of worlds fed not only by his reading but his own fecund creativity. Fortunately for us, both contaminate his stories.

Justin is an adventurer. His stories happen in the big and wild nature, where the unexpecting may surprise you. Is he one of the few wanting to bring you into the unknown and secret world of animals confronted by human beings?

However, Justin is more than « just » a reader and a writer. He likes playing golf, tennis, and soccer. Later,  he would like to be professional tennis, soccer, or golf sportsman. The choice is quite difficult as he also would like to be an actor. Nevertheless, his inspiration doesn’t reach the dining table. He doesn’t have any favorite food as long as you put cheese on it. Don’t worry, there’s no cheese in his stories!

“In Search of a Killer Whale” (+1300 words) was his first novella, written in the summer of 2017. This is the story of a little boy wanting to meet a killer whale. Not every boy has such a dream, but for Jeff, it is. 

As Justin really enjoyed his first writing experience, he started right away the writing of a second novella, “Dragon and Prince”.

Like his first book, animals are involved and become the central point of « Dragon and Prince », which contains more than 3100 words. It relates the friendship of a dog and a wolf while this latter becomes the target of a group of fierce hunters. Will Prince survive?

Justin hopes you like « Dragon and Prince » as much as you like « In Search of a Killer Whale ».

Justin likes to make his mind feeling confident about his topics or subjects and may change his ideas if it doesn’t fit his aims. Thanks to this process of Young Authors where your story is built much before the first word is written down. The beginning through the end is well known and the story becomes much easier to handle. It requires searches and studies, but what we can say, it is very interesting! The less we can say, Justin has the mindset of a writer.

As he reached secondary school, his time is devoted to his educational curriculum. And writing is, of course, a basic and ultimate requirement.

Novella: In Search of a Killer Whale

Genre: Quest

Original Version: English

Words: +1300

Date of publication: September 2017

Production time: Approx 4 Hrs


Jeff didn’t lose his time. He ran right to the port. He found his dad cleaning the boat.

« Dad! » shouted Jeff.

« Yes my son? »

« Why losing time cleaning the boat rather than finding a killer whale? »

« What? » replied dad.

« Yes! Indeed! »

Dad was shocked.

« My son, I think you need to do your homework first before having fool ideas like that! »

« Daddy! Come on, I don’t have any homework because it’s the last day of school! »

Dad was, again, shocked.

« What do you want to do then? »

« Find a killer whale, of course! »

Dad looked at him and repeated slowly

« Find a killer whale? »

Jeff was nodding the head, showing a big large smile. Dad looked away. Some dark menacing clouds were rolling towards the port.

« I think we are going to stay here, son! A storm is on its way towards here. »

But Jeff didn’t wait and detached the boat.

« Noooooooo! Don’t do that! » shouted Dad.

But too late, the boat was already pushed away when a big wave came and washed over the boat. Jeff and his dad felt into the sea. Dad grabbed Jeff by his coat and threw him into the boat. Another big wave dragged Dad away, not giving him time to climb aboard. Jeff was left alone as waves pushed the boat further and further from the coast. He was frightened and really scared about what he has done.

« I killed my dad… »


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Novella: Dragon and Prince

Genre: Adventure

Original Version: English

Words: +3100

Date of publication: March 2018

Production time: Approx 18 Hrs

As soon as  » In Search of a Killer Whale »  was finished, Justin started the writing of another novella. Searching some ideas on Internet, he found a picture of a wolf facing a dog. This is how the idea of the story was found.


The wolf tried to hide under a tree, but rapidly, the dogs were on its trace. The hunters were coming closer and closer. The wolf escaped from his small hiding place, running again for its life. One hunter saw the tail of the wolf.

« It’s the wolf! » cried the hunter. « There! » Frank shouted.

He pointed his riffle and without hesitation, pressed the trigger.

« Missed! » said angrily Frank, another hunter.

« Are you sure it was the wolf? » asked Isaac, the third hunter.

« Almost, » replied Frank.

The herd was still running after the wolf, barking furiously.

As Dragon was running, he bumped into something with a black fur… It was the wolf he met a few years ago. He didn’t know the wolf much but he knew that he was in desperate danger.

« The wolf! » cried Ramnot, « surely not far from here! »

And not far from there, Bob and Richard were running after Dragon, scared as he may be shot by the hunters. Bob shivered just by hearing them.

« Where are you Dragon… Come back here this instant! » screamed Bob, looking around in the forest.

« Come over here », said Dragon to the wolf. « Come to my place, you will be safe! »

The wolf looked shocked. He was in a big panic so anything to save its life would work. Another gun shot was heard. The bark of a tree exploded next to the wolf. In no time, while Dragon was leading the way, the wolf was pushing Dragon forward to escape as much as possible from the mad hunters. On the way, Dragon was telling which direction to take, and both got home safely just in time.

« Where did it go?! » screamed angrily Ramnot.

« We have to keep looking, » agreed Isaac.

The herd of dogs were growling fiercely, looking towards the house.

« For God’s sake, why do you want this wolf so much? » asked Frank to Ramnot.

« Because its fur looks like the one of a prince. »

« It is a prince. This is why it escaped so easily. »


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