Jocelyn Chan was 10 years old when she joined the Young Writers Program in summer 2018. Very quickly, she understood the process of building a story and she started her writing.

She likes to read a lot. Her favorites stories are those with the famous little magician, Harry Potter.

Apart from reading, she enjoys drawing and swimming. She also enjoys traveling. One of her travels was in America where she discovered New York. No need to think longer why she put her main character in this city!

Like every student, watching television is a must. She likes to watch cartoons and TV series.

“Amy’s Lost Dream” is her first novella. She liked a lot to write it and she is very proud of the story. She worked very hard and hopes you will enjoy it.

Novella: Amy’s Lost Dream

Genre: Drama

Original Version: English

Words: +2900

Date of publication: September 2018

Production time: Approx 12 Hrs

This story came to her mind after travelling to New York. However, this little drama is inspiring.

This is the story of Amy, a secretary who do not think her job is a dream job, but how to survive in our busy life? She surfed from jobs to jobs up to that big enterprise in New York. While she was out for lunch, an accident changed her life.

“Amy’s Lost Dream” is a hope and a courageous story.


Finally, she was off to lunch and could be off of the building. However, it was crowded on the sidewalk. She managed her way to the side. On the street, cars were driving very fast. ‘These cars are not respecting the signs; it is very dangerous.’ She was scared the cars might have an accident.

“These drivers are crazy! Why do they drive so fast?’’

“It’s like that at this time. You have to take care even though the light is green,” said the woman next to her.

But when the light turned green, cars stopped, leaving people crossing the road but none of them were going. As Amy wanted to go straight to lunch, she was the only one to start to walk. She didn’t pay attention, but there was one car driving towards her with no intention to stop. Amy was looking straight when some people were shouting at her. She turned her head towards the cries, wondering what was going on. She saw the crowd standing on the sidewalk, not moving. But she couldn’t hear what they were saying, their faces being scared, surprised, astonished. It was just at that moment, she turned her head to the other side and saw the car almost on her. Before she could step back, a hand pulled her back just on time. The car barely hit the end of her dress.

She was speechless. Her heart was beating very fast. She didn’t know what exactly happened. She looked next to her. A man smiled.

“Should check before crossing, even though it’s green.”


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