Young Author: Helen Dai Hi Readers! I’m Helen and I’m 10 years old. I’m an avid reader and I’ve always been involved to reading the following genres: Mystery, Suspense, and Fantasy.I have always cherished the Land of Stories series. It holds the Fantasy genre, which I adore and also, it is written by my favorite author, Chris Colfer. Besides reading and writing, I also enjoy doing various types of contortions which I’m fairly great at indeed. I also love gymnastics, which is pretty similar to contortion. I am really flexible at both my legs and also my back. People used to joke that I have no spine, too! As “Yellow Teeth” was my first novela, I learned a lot about how to make a story. I am proud about what I have done. It is more than 11,100 words but when you read it, it doesn’t look like so long.

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