Grace was 11 years old when she joined the Young Authors tribe in June 2020. She enjoys acting drama and reading adventure books.

In the beginning, we were practicing writing and develop vocabulary until the day she asked me when was she going to start the writing, the real writing, writing a book?

As she seemed determined, we started the process. After a few pages, it was clear she had put on the virtual paper feelings, emotions, words to describe and not only to tell but to show a story! In a few weeks, what looked like a very simple story took a different direction. Yes, her first book is a simple story, but very well depicted. It is as if she painted a masterpiece from prime colors and simple words.

As a first-time writer, she felt very nervous to publish “The Secret Keeper”. But, she has her own way to tell stories and it greatly works!

She wanted to continue, to experiment with another genre, and “Beyond the Tears” came as a very well-built thriller.

As her sister Nydia, she is definitely a Young Author to follow, and we can’t wait for her third story to be published.

Novella: The Secret Keeper

Genre: Diary, Drama

Original Version: English

Words: +10100

Date of publication: October 2020

Production time: Approx 22 Hrs

“The Secret Keeper” is the story of a young girl trying to manage her life during the summer 1945. Friendship, family relations and her cat are at the heart of this poignant story.


I arrived at Peggy’s place. Her car was full packed with their stuff. There was even a big trailer. Peggy’s dad was filling it and closed the door. Peggy ran out from her place. “Hi Hannah, I’m so happy you came.”
“Come on Peggy, of course I would come.”
We didn’t know what to say. I was nervous and felt angry at the same time. I shouldn’t be so egoistic. We hugged each other. I couldn’t do anything other than crying.
“You’ll never come back? Really?”
“No, I want to. What about during the summer, I can come and we can spend several days together. I can sleep at your place. What do you think?”
I held her hand, nodding. Her fingers slipped away as she stepped towards the car. I waved to her. The car disappeared in a cloud of dust.
My heart was broken.


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Novella: Beyond the Tears

Genre: Thriller, Crime

Original Version: English

Words: +10700

Date of publication: March 2021

Production time: Approx 30 Hrs

«Beyond the Tears» is Grace’s second book. It is the story of an intricated and sordid plot that have been planned on several years. Among this, a little girl has to fight to survive. An inspector has to understand the whys in such a way to see the whole picture of the case. The little girl’s life was in great danger.


“Are you gonna give the money or not?” a voice asked.
“Apologies… I can’t give you money anymore you know? You gotta work!” Jarrel answered.
“I worked!
“Yes, you did work but it seems your life looks like a big hole, and you stumble into that pit and lose everything. I understand you may fail, but you get up and think cleverly.”
“Think cleverly, that’s so easy for you to say so,” the voice said.
“You reached top positions, you should know how to proceed, and the rest is a piece of cake.”
A silence followed. “Ugh! You’ll regret it, you’ll soon…”


Click here or on the book to download the ebook (pdf format).