Eric Jia is 9 years old and lives in Hong Kong with his family. He is above all, and at first sight, a normal kid!

He enjoys playing tennis, basketball, video games, and talking with his friends. He likes to play the piano. He also enjoys reading humorous books and novels in the genre of adventure and mystery. Often, he finds these stories on the internet and reads them on his computer.

He plays video games on the internet with his cousin, who lives in the United States, every Saturday and Sunday. When he doesn’t play video games, Eric would spend a few hours in his room talking to his friends, and, of course, doing homework. But when went the time to write a story, this story, a blizzard blew away, and here came zombies, and vampires, and a mad scientist.

Eric came to the creative writing process at the beginning of November 2019. As every young author, he was unaware of the structure of the whole process and what it implies to write a novella. However, he wanted to write a story about vampires and zombies. With patience, he finally built the structure of his story and started writing. Finally, after the main struggling, his story was completed by mid-June 2020.

Novella: Brains and Blood

Genre: Horror

Original Version: English

Words: 14,900

Date of publication: June 2020

Production time: Approx 48 Hrs

What happens when you die but miraculously you come back to live with a serious handicap: you are dead. «Brains and Blood» tells the story of a man who clinically died but because of the invention of a special drug, comes back to life. At the same time, somewhere else in a Brasilian cave, a woman is poisoned with bat’s blood. However, this bat belongs to the vampire species. Strangely, the young woman is in need of blood. The zombie and the campire woamn met during a night, each of them hunting for a prey to be killed. Terror invades the city of Sao Paulo. What the police and army are going to do to stop them. Mainly, what may happen after their arrest will surprise you.

This is definitely not a fairytale for kindergarten!


The doctor shook the head. “I’m sorry. The poison reached the heart before we could help him. It took too much time to come here.”

Carl’s face became pale and somber. He raised his sight at the doctor. “I heard that Science in Brazil was the most advanced in the world. Doctor Isaac Jennings talked about an experiment to make alive dead people.”

The doctor nodded.

“Then, maybe we can join him… you see, my son was too young to die. He didn’t deserve it.”

“Sir de Rubio, I am Doctor Jennings.”

The news fell on Carl’s shoulder like a block of ice. “Did you try the experiment on him then? It doesn’t matter how much it costs, I’ll pay.”

“It is not a question of money. We did try, unsuccessfully. As I said, between the moment he ate the poison and the moment he showed up here, it was too late. The experiment may work if there’s a chance for the heart to beat. It was not his case.”

“Why are there so many bats?”

“This is where they live,” the guide said.

“I can stand many animals but bats are the worst.”

“Don’t tell me you don’t like Batman, he’s the best!”

“Batman is fiction, bats are real!”

“Are you kidding, bats are so cute. Come on, come on, little bats come to papa.”

“Are you insane, I hate bats!” Yuki cried.

Suddenly, the bats swooped down, stuck in her hair and bit her in the neck, in the face, in the ears. She moved her arms to scare them, but more and more bats dived in her hair, biting her face and her neck.

The guide next to her was laughing. “You’re funny Yuki!”

“They’re biting me, I’m dying.” She ran desperately in every way. “Help! Help!” She was bleeding and bats were sucking her blood. They flew all around her, sucking the blood. The guide offered her a bottle. Bats dropped her blood into the bottle.

“What a nice juice, isn’t it?” he said.


Yuki suddenly woke up.


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