Editions Abisai MYSTERY         KNOWLEDGE          IMAGINARY Young Authors Club Discover and become  Young Author Formations To learn how to write and produce a book Boutique To acquire books and appropriate tools Formation Write to Create a World! Dive within mysteries, Extract the knowledge, Go beyond your imaginary Draw these words from the bottom of your soul, and create unique stories! Next Formation Day(s) : Hour(s) : Minute(s) : Second(s) Novelties Whether they’re mysterious stories, thrillers, sci-fi tales and traversing paths to the end of the earth or turning a whole universe upside down, Young Authors know how to tell them. Come and take a look at our latest books! Young Authors’ catalog Endangered Species Author: Bernice Mok Genre: Educative, Non Fiction Original Version: English Words: +1700 Date of publication: September 2017 Production time: Approx 8 Hrs   A Ghost Story Author: Vianne Lam Genre: Humor, Tall

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