Edison Huang, at 12 years old, joined the Young Authors tribe in April 2020, as well as his brother Tony. Edison had good ideas but as any young author, he needed to structure them and be stimulated. With patience and persistence, his story was achieved in November 2020. And his second book is on the way!

Novella: Moon Panther, The Chickasaw

Genre: Drama, Adventure

Original Version: English

Words: +11,000

Date of publication: October 2020

Production time: Approx 42 Hrs

This story happened way before the European colonisation in North America. How the Amerindians were living? «Moon Panther, the Chickasaw» is the story of an exceptional woman who helped a hostile tribe to survive as a strange disease devastated their communities.


Mitena laughed, putting her hand on her big belly. But, her laugh stopped abruptly. She saw a horse coming along the tipis with two Chickasaws riding it. All the women looked at the two on the horse.
“Moon Panther, what is this Chickasaw’s doing here?” Mitena asked.
“Don’t talk about her too loud, she may hear you. She is here to help Feather Otter. Our chief, Eagle Spear, is sick.”
Mitena smirked and bent the head. “Chickasaws are not allowed among the Natchez tribe.”
“And if I were you,” Ar-ke-kee-tah continued, “I would show respect. When your turn arrives, she will be the one to help your child come into the world.”
Eagle Spear grimaced under the pain. «The Great Spirit is not ready to see me, not yet, my calling is not achieved.» But it was already too late…


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