At the end of summer 2019, Sophia Lu joined the Young Author tribe. But her brother wanted too to write his story. He joined the tribe in November 2019.

Daniel was 8 years old. His favorite activity, and where Daniel spends most of his free time, is reading books! Among them, a nice collection of scientific books such as the “Young Scientist” series, and stories such as the “13-Storey Treehouse” series.
“Mr. Invisible” was his first novella. He thought it could be cool to be invisible. This is where Daniel uses his scientific knowledge to “color” his story.

Novella: Mr. Invisible Top Mission

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantaisy

Original Version: English

Words: +3300

Date of publication: April 2020

Production time: Approx 15 Hrs

“Mr. Invisible” tells the story of a strange lizard formed from a microorganism fed by ocean nutrients. Magic crystals made him become invisible. But that was just the beginning, because Mr. Invisible developed many other uncommon powers like speaking.


“They were turning around what he ate a lot on his island. It was called fruits and vegetables. As he was attracted to that place, he ran at top speed there. Once he saw the savory fruits, he wanted to eat them. He noticed people were giving metallic shapes and getting the fruits.
He asked one being. “What is that?” while showing coins.
But, because Mr. Invisible was invisible, the merchant raised his head. “Who is talking to me?”
Mr. Invisible said, laughing, “It’s me! I am in front of you but I am invisible.”
The merchant was surprised. “Really? Can I touch you?”
“Yes, of course!”
The merchant reached his hand and after palpating, took his hand back rapidly.


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