Young Author: Christy Tsoi Christy Tsoi was 6 years old when she started to write her story, at the beginning of May 2018. When she is not at school or doing homework, she enjoys playing with her dolls, or playing Uno with her dad, or also,  playing with her little brother. Both play Lego, or they go on a picnic, “but not a real one,” said Christy! She likes to go to school, but her favorite subject is PE (Physical Education). Even though she likes Hong Kong, she loves traveling…. and mainly in Japan. But moreover, she liked to write her first story, “The Curious Mermaid”. As she didn’t know how to write a novella, she learned a right way to make, build and complete a story in quite a good time. In any case, she hopes you will enjoy it too! Novella: The Curious Mermaid Genre: Fantasy, Youth Novella

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