Young Author: Brendon Ho Brendon Ho was a Primary 3 student when he reached the Young Authors group at Inspired Learning Education Center in June 2018.  Brendon lives in Hong Kong.  However, even though he lives under a tropical climate, he loves skiing! This is something he does once a year in Japan. Otherwise, he loves computer games and playing chess. He spends the rest of his spare time in books. He loves reading books like «The Adventures of Tom Sawyer», Roald Dhal’s book series, and also, comic books! But Brendon had a dream. For three years he wanted to write a story. In the summer 2018, he joined the Inspired Learning Creative Writing Camp. His dream finally came true. In October 2018, he finished the writing of his story, revising it, and followed the process of the formatting and cover page. He enjoyed the camp but discovered not only

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