Brendon Ho was a Primary 3 student when he reached the Young Authors group in June 2018. 

Brendon lives in Hong Kong.  However, even though he lives under a tropical climate, he loves skiing! This is something he does once a year in Japan. Otherwise, he loves computer games and playing chess.

He spends the rest of his spare time in books. He loves reading books like «The Adventures of Tom Sawyer», Roald Dhal’s book series, and also, comic books!

But Brendon had a dream. For three years he wanted to write a story. In summer 2018, he joined a Creative Writing Camp. His dream finally came true.

In October 2018, he finished the writing of his story, revising it, and followed the process of the formatting and cover page.

He enjoyed the camp but discovered not only how to write a story from A to Z, but that writing is not as easy as reading one. He thinks that writing a story involves a lot of thinking. You also need to be part of the story to describe how the characters are feeling. Brendon put time and energy into his writing. This novella is his first story and even though it was difficult, he enjoyed making it. He hopes you will like it too!

Novella: A Strange Man

Genre: Science Fiction

Original Version: English

Words: +6700

Date of publication: October 2018

Production time: Approx 16 Hrs

«A Strange Man» is the story of a young man who wants to make the impossible: building a spaceship to travel far away on a planet that even no one knows the existence. Along his days, a good friend will join him to help the dream coming true. But some imponderables will weak this plan. Is he going to overcome them? Is he strong enough to brave the dangers put on his way, even in space?  «A Strange Man» is a journey where courage, audacity and adventurousness will bring you beyond your world.


He opened his eyes and was expecting his mom would open the door like every time he came to bed. She was sitting at his side, telling him a story and giving him a good night kiss. But that night, his mom didn’t show up. He couldn’t sleep, turning and turning in his bed. He got up and went down the stairs. His father was sitting on the balcony. The night was fresh, calm, and no clouds in the sky. Ben raised his head at the sky. His father looked at him. He was not to scold him to stay in bed. Even himself wasn’t able to sleep.

“Which planet she is? Can we see it?” asked Ben.

The father raised his head. The starry blackness above them was simply marvelous. He smiled. ‘Where are you my love?’ he thought.

“I don’t know Ben; I don’t know. There are so many stars up there,” he said.

“You know, one day I will build a spaceship, and we will be able to see her,” said Ben.

He looked at his father.

“Do you want to come with me?”

“For sure I want,” replied the father, trying to smile at his son’s idea.

Ben looked back at the stars.

“I wonder on which star she is now.”


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