Boris joined the Young Authors Group at the Inspired Learning Education Center in July 2018. He didn’t know what kind of adventure was in front of him, but very quickly, he dived into this journey.

Boris Cheung has a big brother and lives in Hong Kong with his family. He likes reading adventure and funny stories. He also likes swimming and playing table tennis.

In the Creative Writing camp, he learned the basis of writing from “How to get the ideas” to “Finish your story and make a book!”

“The Magic Hole” is his first story and he made it with more than 5100 words. As a first book, this is very good! Moreover, Boris enjoyed to make his novella even though it has been difficult to write. As he developed his plan, his structure, and carefully followed it, the result can’t be nothing else than having written an original and imaginative novella. Surely with time, he will greatly improve his skill. The less we can say, he has a fertile imagination. He hopes you will enjoy the reading.

Novella: The Magic Hole

Genre: Quest

Original Version: English

Words: +5100

Date of publication: October 2018

Production time: Approx 16 Hrs

This novella tells a story of three boys falling in a hole while being at Tom grandfather’s farm. He wanted to celebrate his birthday with his best friends Ben and Tony.

This story brings you in another world, thousands of kilometers away. It seems they travelled in another dimension, where treasure, dangerous animals and mysteries make their adventure  quite unusual. They will need courage and show how brave they are to succeed their journey. Are you going to join them?


 They turned back and looked around. They were surprised to see…

“A baby gorilla, that’s a baby gorilla! It’s so cute,” Ben said, walking to it.

“Stop, Ben! Surely the mother is not too far from her baby,” said Tony.

Just then, the mother gorilla appeared behind the baby, looking at the boys aggressively.

“Oh… she doesn’t look very happy! Put down the bananas,” Tom ordered.

“We need to leave immediately,” said Ben.

“Don’t be so scared again Ben,” said Tom.

“I’m not scared, but you can admit she doesn’t look like a Teddy Bear.”

It was the mum’s turn to pick up rocks.

“Oh! And guess who’s going to get these rocks now?” Ben replied.

“Yeah, you’re right. What can we do?” asked Tony.

“Go into the forest and climb up the first big tree we see?” Ben answered.

“No way, a gorilla can climb trees!” replied Tom.

“Oh! You’re right.”

They were turning around, not knowing where to hide or what to do. The gorilla made some steps towards them, growling. The kids stepped back into the forest, ready to run but they froze in horror.
“Oh oh! We have an unexpected visitor here!” said Tom.

A big tiger was slowly walking, looking at them.

“Not funny,”  replied Ben, shaking.

The kids stepped back. Behind them, the gorilla turned back to look after her baby. The tiger started to growl. The gorilla mother and the tiger stared at each other, the kids standing between both.

“This place is very dangerous. We have to get out of here!” said Ben anxiously.

“Keep quiet! Otherwise, the tiger will run after us. Let’s get out of here quietly,” Tony murmured.

The gorilla showed its anger at the tiger. It shouted a long cry.


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