Bernice was 9 years old when she enrolled in the program Young Authors, in summer 2017. She wanted to create a book about saving our planet, animals, and environment. No need to say, this is a non-fiction book, but also a nice project!

Bernice loves to play board games, read books, and play with her sister, Belle, who is also a writer.

Her favorite books are ones from the series “Science Adventures”(level 2), and “Captain Underpants”. She loves these books and they are very funny! She also loves reading fables because she can learn a lesson from every story.

Once Bernice finished her first book, “Endangered Animals”, she really enjoyed the experience of writing. The less she could say was she hoped you will like it too. But then, at the end of summer 2017, she immediately began her second book “Fables and Stories”. The plan was to write different fables and stories. It took several months of hard work where she created 6 fables and 5 stories. She didn’t always have the time to write, but she took it if she wanted to finish her book. We call that ‘determination’! 

Bernice’s dream is to become a writer when she grows up. When you are 9 years old and already discovered the meaning of the word ‘determination’, wanting to embrace such a career will make your life much easier. She is on a good way to become not only a writer but a famous one!

In September 2018, at 10 years old, Bernice finished her third book. It took 7 months of hard work to achieve it with more than 10800 words. “It took a lot of time to write because I wanted to reach my aim of 10000 words! But don’t worry, I didn’t write words just for words, but to tell a fantastic journey,” she said.

And then, the two sisters decided to join their respective gifts to write “Maya’s Diary” where both wrote and made the illustrations. Their mom said she never saw them involved so much in a project. Yay!

Finally, she wrote “3S, Dealing with Money” a partially non-fiction book, but including stories.

Bernice continues her education at the secondary level and she is quite busy. Surely one day, she will write another book.

Novella: Endangered Species

Genre: Educative, Non Fiction

Original Version: English

Words: +1700

Date of publication: September 2017

Production time: Approx 8 Hrs

“Endangered Species” is a non-fiction book about how to save our species. These species include animals, the most endangered ones. But wanting to save animals, means also saving and protecting our environment. But how? Bernice tells us simple but clever ways to do so by adopting useful habits. These habits will not only save animals, plants, and protect the environment but also save the human species!    


Can you imagine many mice in our living environment?

* Humans cut all the trees to be able to build houses, shopping centers, and playgrounds. Owls may lose their habitat and may die as well. So the mice will reproduce themselves without having a predator to limit their number. So the mice will make our living environment dirty and polluted.

Panda is another endangered animal.

* Pandas eat bamboos but less and less are found because they are cut to make space. This space is used for building houses, shopping centers, and playgrounds.

Dolphin is another endangered animal…


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Novella: Fables & Stories

Genre: Fantasy, Fable

Original Version: English

Words: +3600

Date of publication: February 2018

Production time: Approx 15 Hrs

“Fables & Stories” are funny, humoristic, true, and sometimes undeniable tales if not anecdotes. This book contains 6 fables and 5 stories. “The Genie, The Boy, and The Ice Cream”, “The Two Monkeys”, “The Great Photographer”,  “Two Cups of Water”,  “The Flower Who Was Thinking It Was Pretty”, and “Two Brothers”,  are parts of the fables. The stories are “A wolf and three rabbits”,  “A Fish Story”,  “The Sports Day at The Sunshine Academy”,  and “Reading Books Is Worth for Tests”.  


The Two Monkeys

Once upon a time in a large forest, there were two monkeys. One was called James and the other’s name was Sam.

In a morning, they were looking for some bananas. Unfortunately, they could not find any before the afternoon. They were tired and extremely hungry for bananas. James saw a tree and thought it was a banana tree. So, he called his friend Sam. James climbed up the tree and brought back a long yellow thing. But, while James was supposed to be in the banana tree, Sam found a real one.

On the way down, James, surprised, discovered that he was just bringing back a long yellow leaf. Sam, on his side, was going to take a big bite in his banana when James snatched it.

“Hey, we have to share!” said James.

“This is the banana that I found first, so it’s mine!” replied Sam.

They started to fight each other. Suddenly, a bird flew and used its claws to grab the banana away. The two monkeys looked at their meal flying away, impossible to get back.


Moral: If you fight to possess something, it will not make a win-win but a lose-lose situation.


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Novella: Adventure in Hell

Genre: Thriller, Fantasy

Original Version: English

Words: +10800

Date of publication: September 2018

Production Time: Approx 29 Hrs

“Adventure in Hell” is far to be an ordinary story. It is about… well, Hell is Hell, no?


Emma was unconscious and bleeding. Brian got out the first aid kit. He used several cotton pads to stop the bleeding, but he knew that it was useless. The venom was going through the fragile body quicker than he could stop it. Emma was going to die. He became angry, furious and sad at the same time. What could he do?


He also felt guilty for not having been more respectful towards the little angel. At last, he tied a bandage around her arms, legs, tights to stop the bleeding. Emma barely opened her eyes.

“Brian… there is a castle not far from here… I saw it through the branches… Go there… Find the witch… In the book, it is said… it is said…”

She closed her eyes.

“What? What it is said?” he whispered to her. “Emma?”

It was her last sentence. Brian opened the bag.

“Where is the book… come on, quick Brian, find it!” he told to himself.

“Yes! Got it! Now, where is this page?” he said while flipping pages after pages. “A castle… where is this castle… Oh my God! Surely it was not so difficult to find a castle in this book!”

For the fifth time, he started from the beginning of the book, flipping the pages.

“Yes, I got it finally! It’s about time!”

He looked at Emma. Her life was going to end if he didn’t find about what she wanted to say. He stood up and read aloud.

“While you travel in the second gate, don’t step on any stationary unless you want to be bitten by the snakes and die. Mainly, pay attention to the castle. It’s close to a river but don’t cross it unless you want to die again. It sounds strange but you may die twice. Don’t forget, you are in Hell. Remember also, the owner of the castle is kept for ages, and her power just became eviler than the devil himself. She might kill you even if you were still alive.”


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Novella: Maya’s Diary

Genre: Humor, Diary

Original Version: English

Words: +18000

Date of publication: March 2019

Production time: Approx 45 Hrs

Before anything, “Maya’s Diary” is a team work! Belle and Bernice Mok joined their time and energy to craft this novella. It is an amazing work! This diary covers 52 weeks where Maya shares her days, adventures and misadventures with her diary. School days were more than ordinary, and it is with a smile we read this diary!


Dear Diary,

I don’t really know what I am going to tell you. That sounds or looks crazy to talk to a book; I have never done that. You will have to be patient; I do not write fast! Anyway, I guess that at least I will not argue with you and you will not tell me what I should have done or worse, to tell me what I have to do like my mum or dad. I think I am old enough now. Hey, you know what? I’m going to school tomorrow! Yay!

Oh! Sorry! I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Maya, I am six years old, but many people told me I look seven. Well, I don’t think it is so important. I guess it is not…  Right?

Let me put my name on the first page. Oh, what about “Maya’s Diary?” It sounds good, agree?

Hey, that’s a good thing, you will not respond even though I write or say very stupid things! This is so cool!

You and I are going to spend a long wonderful time, and when I am bored, you will let me read my own stories. Oh, what if I tell you about my first school year? Isn’t it great? All right, no need to answer, I know it will be very extremely superbly extraordinary great!


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Novella: 3S! Dealing with Money

Genre: Finance, Education

Original Version: English

Words: +4700

Date of publication: October 2020

Production time: Approx 9 Hrs

3S! Dealing with Money» is full of tricks and ways to help about money. There are 3 stories where Jocelyn, Holly and Emma have to face managing money. One of them surely represents your own behavior.
For me, honestly, I behave like Holly. I put all my pocket money in my bank at home. I never use it except to buying presents for someone’s birthday.
My sister and I always haggle over every penny with others. When we share the money to buy something and if the price is 4.50, we argue who will give 1 cent more. Usually, my mom will give us 1 cent to stop the argument. Well, after writing this booklet, I learnt more about the usage of money.


Money you spend on buying goods and services to satisfy your wants:
1. What do you need to satisfy?
2. Are you a shopaholic?
3. What are the goods you need or want to buy?
4. What things do you need when shopping?
Starting from these points, how can you save money?


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