Young Author: Bernice Mok Bernice is 9 years old. When she enrolled in the program Young Authors, in summer 2017, she wanted to create a book about saving our planet, animals, and environment. No need to say, this is a non-fiction book, but also a nice project! Bernice is in grade 4 and she loves to play board games, read books, and play with her sister, Belle, who is also a writer. Her favorite books are ones from the series “Science Adventures”(level 2), and “Captain Underpants”. She loves these books and they are very funny! She also loves reading fables because she can learn a lesson from every story. Once Bernice finished her first book, “Endangered Animals”, she really enjoyed the experience of writing. The less she can say is she hopes you will like it too. But then, at the end of summer 2017, she immediately began her second book “Fables and Stories”.

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