Young Author: Belle Mok In summer 2017, Belle was 6 years old and became the youngest student to join the Young Authors. No need to say that was amazing! But who is this little girl? Well, Belle is a basketball fan, her favorite sport! She also likes reading books with her big sister, Bernice, who is a writer too. Her favorite stories were from Oxford Reading Trees, Fly Guy, and Peppa Pig. But for now, she is much more interested in “The Storey Treehouse” as well as her own stories and those from her big sister. Oh… and she plays the piano.  So, when she joined the Young Authors, in summer 2017, she started her plan and quite quickly, wrote her story: “Sofia and the President”. Then while many other young authors continue with a second book, Belle kept writing homework, making creative writing exercises, practicing story structure up to the

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