In summer 2017, Belle was 6 years old and became the youngest student to join the Young Authors.

No need to say that was amazing!

But who is this little girl? Well, Belle is a basketball fan, her favorite sport! She also likes reading books with her big sister, Bernice, who is a writer too. Her favorite stories were from Oxford Reading Trees, Fly Guy, and Peppa Pig. But for now, she is much more interested in “The Storey Treehouse” as well as her own stories and those from her big sister. Oh… and she plays the piano. 

So, when she joined the Young Authors, in summer 2017, she started her plan and quite quickly, wrote her story: “Sofia and the President”.

Then, while many other young authors continue with a second book, Belle kept writing homework, making creative writing exercises, practicing story structure up to the day, she finally wrote her second book. “Lucy’s Birthday Party” is a funny story. As a second book, it is also longer than her first book and she made her main character having… some character!

At the end of summer 2018, she came with her third novella, “The Runaway Melody”. The story of a young girl escaping home, working on a farm, meeting a friend and experiencing life. All this because she wanted a dog. Her parents will finally discover who really was their daughter.

And followed “Maya’s Diary”, a team project book she wrote with her sister. They were extremely involved from writing to making the illustrations. Their mom told me she never saw them working so much on a project. Yay!

Then she kept going with her latest book, “What’s the Ideal Job for You?”

Even though Belle is pursuing her school education, she expects to be a famous fiction writer in the future… or a video game designer. The less we can say, she is on a good way to make her wish come true!

Novella: Sofia and the President

Genre: Adventure

Original Version: English

Words: +1500

Date of publication: September 2017

Production time: Approx 7 Hrs

“Sofia and the President” is the story of a little Chinese orphan who learned to play piano at the orphanage. She became very good but a war is declared between USA and China. She wants to help as much as possible and she goes to Beijing and plays piano for the soldiers. Will she be able to make something more about the war and making a stop to this useless conflict?  


After few times being together, sharing their good and bad moments, Login asked a very interesting question. :

” By the way Sofia, do you know how to play piano?”

Sofia showed a big smile.

Yes I do!”

“Really!” he replied. “Me too!” he said.

He took her hand and both ran on the second floor of the orphanage where there was a beautiful but old piano. Sofia sat at it and started to play. Login was very surprised to hear such a sweet piano music.

“I didn’t know you were able to play piano like this!” Login said to Sofia “Wow! This is brilliant!”

She said, a little bit shy, “Thank you”.

Then Login said to Sofia: “You play well piano but I can teach you to play much better!”

Sofia said: “Really? Oh I would be so excited to learn!

Then, Login taught Sofia to play piano. He showed her some tricks and how to place the hands to play quickly, how to press the pedals, and how to follow the metronome.


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Novella: Lucy’s Birthday Party!

Genre: Adventure, Humor

Original Version: English

Words: +3800

Date of publication: April 2018

Production time: Approx 14 Hrs

Unfortunately for Lucy, her birthday is right a day before Christmas. So every year, it becomes such a thing. What do you do when your birthday is the same day than Christmas Eve?  Discover this funny story of Lucy’s friends and parents trying to maybe make a surprise to a girl who has such a character! 


”Lucy’s birthday is on Christmas’s Eve, said Mike.

“I know it, so…?”

”So I was thinking to make a party on Christmas’s Eve” declared proudly Mike.

But his smile disappeared as quickly as it appeared. Katy was looking seriously at him.

“What?” he asked.

“This is what we have done last year”, Katy said.

“Oh… that’s true… but now why not inviting her friends?”

”Oh! Good idea but…”

”But what?”

”Do you see ten kids running around, shouting, excited, jumping everywhere and making a complete mess here?”

“Hum… We need to get a bigger room to have that party then.

“Exactly!” she said firmly. “This is THE point.”

”But where to have this bigger room?”

”I think I know where we can get one.”

”Where?” Mike asked, showing a big question mark in his face.

”I’m not going to tell you, at least not at this moment because…”

Just then, Lucy came back from school.

”Do you have a good mysterious lie to tell me now?”

Mike and Katy looked at her, astonished.


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Novella: The Runaway Melody

Genre: Adventure

Original Version: English

Words: +3400

Date of publication: August 2018

Production time: Approx 17 Hrs

“The Runaway Melody”. The story of a young girl escaping home, working on a farm, meeting a friend and experiencing life. All this because she wanted a dog. Her parents will finaly discover who really is their daughter.


The rooster sang its song much before the sunrise.

“Oh my God! It is only 5:00 o’clock; it can’t wait for the real sunrise? One day, I will cook it,” said Melody to her dog.

She woke up, tired, and went to the farmer’s house to take her breakfast. Fortunately, the farmer’s wife was very kind to her. After quick oatmeal and two toasts, she went out and took the big bucket. She opened the tap and filled it.

“That’s so heavy…” she said while bringing it to the pig stall. She fed them half a bucket of grain and leftover vegetables. While the pigs were eating, she entered the stall with a shovel. She cleaned the stall, removing the pig poo.

“That’s so smelly and how do you do so much poo poo during the night? I did the cleanup yesterday late afternoon, and it is like I didn’t do anything!” she complained to the pigs.

One pig looked at her. Melody didn’t notice, and without warning, it ran and bit Melody’s leg.

“Ahhhh!” she cried.


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Novella: Maya’s Diary

Genre: Humor, Diary

Original Version: English

Words: +18000

Date of publication: March 2019

Production time: Approx 45 Hrs

Before anything, “Maya’s Diary” is a team work! Belle and Bernice Mok joined their time and energy to craft this novella. It is an amazing work! This diary covers 52 weeks where Maya shares her days, adventures and misadventures with her diary. School days were more than ordinary, and it is with a smile we read this diary!


Dear Diary,

I don’t really know what I am going to tell you. That sounds or looks crazy to talk to a book; I have never done that. You will have to be patient; I do not write fast! Anyway, I guess that at least I will not argue with you and you will not tell me what I should have done or worse, to tell me what I have to do like my mum or dad. I think I am old enough now. Hey, you know what? I’m going to school tomorrow! Yay!

Oh! Sorry! I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Maya, I am six years old, but many people told me I look seven. Well, I don’t think it is so important. I guess it is not…  Right?

Let me put my name on the first page. Oh, what about “Maya’s Diary?” It sounds good, agree?

Hey, that’s a good thing, you will not respond even though I write or say very stupid things! This is so cool!

You and I are going to spend a long wonderful time, and when I am bored, you will let me read my own stories. Oh, what if I tell you about my first school year? Isn’t it great? All right, no need to answer, I know it will be very extremely superbly extraordinary great!


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Novella: What’s the Ideal Job for You?

Genre: Humor, Non-Fiction

Original Version: English

Words: +9600

Date of publication: November 2019

Production time: Approx 18 Hrs

Hi readers!

You are surely wondering the big question WHY? I wrote this book while I could create another amazing nice story. Well, when I was a little girl, even though I am still a little girl for the grown-ups, I didn’t know which job I could do later, what was good for me? A doctor? A vet? A teacher? An actress? That was a difficult task, I was lost as I didn’t know what jobs there are in the world. So I asked the big question to my parents.

“Daddy and Mummy, what do you think I can be later as a grown-up?”

They looked at me, surprised. I think they didn’t know I was already thinking of my future life.

“Well Belle, it depends of what your dream is. What you’ll like to do and more importantly, what may make you happy!”

“Hum…” I said. “I like writing!”

So, now, I still want to be a writer, but not any kind of writer, a famous fiction writer! However, some other times, I want to be a video game designer. I think this is also a fantastic job.

But, who knows? We may talk about it in ten years!

If you are lost too, this book may help you! Enjoy it!


Click here or on the book to download the ebook (pdf format).