Andy Pan was 8 years old in February 2019 when he joined the Young Author tribe.

He enjoys reading adventure/chapter books and the genre doesn’t really matter. He enjoys reading from the series “Heroes of Olympus”. He likes the author Rick Riordan.

He likes playing video games with his friends Ryan Chen and Marcus Chan. His favorite subject at school is math.

His hobby is playing basketball with friends especially with Ryan at school. At home, he mostly just sits in front of his laptop doing random homework or finding pictures and using them as desktop backgrounds.

He likes reading different books on Big Universe on his iPad such as disasters, wildlife and some creepy stuff. He enjoys especially when he finds a good long interesting book. He sometimes reads it with his mom.

He enjoyed writing his first story «The Secret of Bermuda Triangle». For once, he experienced what a writer’s life could be and saw what would happen. He joined Marcus Chan and Ryan Chen in a dedicated creative writing session every week to achieve his story.

“The secret of the Bermuda Triangle” is Andy Pan’s first book. He was very happy about that story and also very proud of the book. He also hopes you, readers, would enjoy it too!

Novella: The Secret of the Bermuda Triangle

Genre: Mystery

Original Version: English

Words: +6500

Date of publication: June 2019

Production time: Approx 32 Hrs

«The Secret of Bermuda Triangle» is a journey in the strange area of the Bermuda Triangle where a team is sent to investigate after several mysterious disappearances among the people living overthere. However, what they are about to discover left them speechless. Will you be able to follow them and discover the Bermuda Triangle secret?


 After exploring, we had found absolutely nothing apart from a waterfall. Normal, right? Not at all, it had some kind of terrible presence luring near it.

“I have a theory that all this mystery is in that…” Albert said.

However, he didn’t finish his sentence.

“Why did you stop?” I asked.

“Nothing, Nothing. But still, I have a theory that all this is in the black waterfall.”

“What are we waiting for? Let’s GO!” I said. “But, first we have to safely check if the black water is dangerous or not,” I added. “Second, we need some rubbish to test with the black water. Does anyone have rubbish to test?” I asked.

“I do!”

I turned to the voice. It was Katy Berry.

“I have some plastic to test,” she said.

I nodded. However, as she tossed it into the black water, it melted.

I shook my head. I had a good idea. I walked to one of the skeletons and picked up one of its bones. As I tossed it, it didn’t melt like Katy Berry’s plastic. Instead, it floated on the black water.

Many were surprised.

“Is this the solution?” asked one of them.

I smirked.

“What do you think guys?”

It didn’t take long for the group to make a big bone car thing, carving, moulding and modifying each part to make a floatable transportation device. As soon as it was ready, we walked through the black waterfall.

We followed a small river and arrived at the shore. We got off, checking the place. Not too far away, there was a cottage hidden behind some rocks and trees. We approached it carefully. As I opened the almost broken down door, the gang followed me in pursuit. After a few minutes trying to find a good clue, Albert noticed something.

“Oscar, there, a trapdoor!”

I took a look at the trapdoor. I patted him on the back.

“Great finding Albert.”

I turned to the rest of the crew.

“I shall go in, wait for me!”

I jumped down the deep hole. But then, Albert and Jeffrey followed me, Bob and the others went into as well. As I fell, I could almost swear to the Greek Gods that I could feel my teammates having the same feeling as me, the feeling that we were plunging to death.


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