About… the Mentoring

What really the Young Author Mentoring is? Is it Coaching?

In any sport activity, there is a coach. This coach is the one to en‐ courage, answer questions, give tips, create warm-ups, guide the team to focus, support their difficulties, nourish the athletes and improve their skills, facilitate performance, revive mind and make them succeeding.

Becoming a Young Author without coaching is like running without knowing where the finishing line is. The Creative Writing Mentor provides everything needed to assist and support the Young Author.

Why a mentor then? Beyond these basic requests, a mentor stimulates the imaginary which at its turn, will let flow a world of ideas. A mentor is more than a coach, this is the one who will share personal experiences to stimulate your mind, who will tell you how to think, to live, to behave. He is not only a coach, he becomes your soulmate in a way. If you need, he can also start your novella with a few words or sentences to permit you to dive entirely in your story.

No matter the age. No matter the topic. No matter the genre. Period.

Do you have great ideas? Does it happen that ideas are emerging and flowing easily from your mind that you don’t even have time to write them down? Do you say to everyone that the book you are going to write one day will be great?

Having great ideas is one side of the writing. However, the art of storytelling is not only related to having great ideas, but about what you do with them. How do you link them, how do you build your suspense, how do you treat emotions, how do you hook the reader with an amazing opening, and how do you leave the reader at the end of your story. Does he want to keep going the story? Does she dream about what you told? Do they wish to live a similar journey? Do you stimulate their own imagination?

Young Author Mentoring is far than being academic and traditional lessons.


We take you by the hand.

There is no homework and no “memorizing” rules. We talk about workshop, and like any workshop, the Young Author works, meaning writes! The learning curve starts from the Art of Storytelling to applying grammatical tips, intelligently using tenses, enriching vocabulary, using dictionaries, managing the information and surfing wisely on the Internet to improve facts, Geography, History, Science, Anatomy, Biology, anything related to the story.

However, writing is a commitment with yourself, it is a promise to go as far as the two words “The End”. To write, you have to dive in your mind, reaching your soul; connect with your heart, letting speaking your emotions. Describing, narrating, making your characters tell who they really are, how they feel, what they think. Only then, your story takes a deep breath and becomes alive.

Every workshop explores the creative aspects of writing, the aims, the ideas needed to build a great story. We emphasize details and raise the reader’s intelligence and interests.

We were talking about a mentor? I am. Every day I work with students making their books.  I have to adapt myself to their genre and wording. Until now, May 2021, more than 50 novellas have been written, and still counting! Who said students are not productive and not imaginative?

Once in the process, the story is revised, advised, content/grammar/spelling or agreement corrected, rules of writing like dialogues, as well as the hows and the whys, are explained. The course in itself depends of the student’s speed. Together,   we focus on as making the best writing you can produce. Encouragement, motivation, ideas and possibilities are easily shared. If you are stuck, the mentor helps, showing you how not to get stuck.

This is an unforgettable experience and 90% of my students come back and write their second, third, fourth, and counting, books, adding more words to their new book.

More they have, happier they are! But to know how effective is this way, take a look on the author’s page or dive into some authors’ webpages and see what they have achieved.

About the formations…

The formations provide an original process that became “bulletproof” to get ideas, make the structure and start the writing as quick as possible without procrastination;


About the Mentoring lessons…

If you want to be taken by the hand, a personalized mentoring course entirely dedicated to you and your writing can be set up*. You also gain:

– A hard copy of the written production (booklet with full color cover and back pages/black words on white pages content);

– An original cover page, with rights, designed by you (with help) and finalized by the mentor in Photoshop;

– A short biography with your photo, including touch-ups;

– A personalized webpage with the book available freely in pdf format.

Eventually, the book would be sold in ePub and Mobi formats (if still available)


Thank you very much!

Yves Beland