Young Author: Sophia Lu

At the end of summer 2019, Sophia joined the Young Author tribe at the age of 6 years old. She is the youngest student to join the Young Authors.

But the day before her first lesson, she already started to write her story. She even made her own book with an amazing cover page! Achieving a book requires a plan, which she didn’t have. However, she was pleased to participate entirely in the project. In a few minutes, that was done!

But who is Sophia?

She began her primary school in September 2019. She likes swimming even though she also enjoys cycling. When she is not involved in homework, writing stories, or doing a sportive activity, she sings. She also has a brother, Daniel, who started to write a few months later.

She likes reading princess stories! So, it is not a surprise that her favorite one is Frozen! If ever you see a little black haired girl wearing a crown, don’t ask twice, it is her!

Sophia is a talkative girl and a very good teacher. She is always showing you how to do things. However, as a grown-up, she would like to be an artist… if she doesn’t change her mind until then. Maybe tomorrow she would prefer to be a princess, or a writer, or a swimmer, or a…

Then while many other young authors continue with another book, Sophia needs to improve her grammar, vocabulary, and structuring her sentences, sharing this time with the creative writing process.

Novella: The Cow Jumps Over the Moon

Words: +1580

Date of publication: November 2019

Production time: Approx 10 Hrs

« The Cow Jumps Over the Moon » is the story of a cow who wanted to jump over the moon. Every big project involves help. And the cow is not alone.

Jump into her imaginative story where a cow has a spoon, a plate, a cat and a dog as friends. They are going to help her to make her wish comes true and reaches the moon!


Once upon a time, a cow really wanted to jump over the moon.

« But why? » ask the cat, the dog, the spoon and the plate.

« Because I want to go to space! » replies the cow.

« Ooooh! » they exclaim at once.

« I also want to take a walk on the moon, » adds the cow.

« Why not on the sun? » asks the cat.

« I don’t want to become a hamburger! » says the cow.

« Aaaah! » they all say. 


Click here or on the book to download the ebook (pdf format).

Novella: The Princess Who Lost her Crown

Words: +2500

Date of publication: April 2020

Production time: Approx 15 Hrs

“The Princess Who Lost Her Crown” is the story of a princess who lost her crown! She is looking everywhere but can’t find it. Would you like to know how she solved the mystery of the lost crown? Dive in her imaginative world to discover what happened!


‘It was late in the night when the last song was played. Sofia reached a chair and fell onto it. « I am exhausted! » And she bent her head back, barely looking at the ceiling. « I danced so much! »
Suddenly, the fell. However, Sofia didn’t notice. As she was too tired, she closed her eyes to relax, but after a few seconds, she snored…’


Click here or on the book to download the ebook (pdf format).