Young Author: Lawrence Kwan

Lawrence Kwan lives in Hong Kong with his family. He enjoys sports like golf, but in winter, he travels to snowboard the hills in Japan. He enjoys this sport like his little brother, Terrence Kwan, who is also a young writer. When he doesn’t go to school, involved in school projects, or downhill with his snowboard, he likes a lot reading novels. Two of his favorite genres are adventure and action stories. In the meantime, like many students, he spent time crafting his novella.  

Lawrence dived in the creative writing process in April 2018. He wanted to write a novella. Although he didn’t know how to aboard the process of writing, he had, and still has, great ideas. And why not writing in a genre he likes so much? So here is the thriller «Who Killed Jeff?»

Novella: Who Killed Jeff?

Words: 15,500

Date of publication: December 2018

Production time: Approx 59 Hrs

After several months, and with over than 15,500 words, Lawrence’s novella is finally achieved and completed. He respected the art of a great thriller and brings the reader in the rollercoaster of the genre. All along the way, he learned how to turn simple facts into a challenging story where the hero, best Jeff’s friend, wants to know and solve the case of « Who killed Jeff? » Despite Inspector Anderson, who is the one in charge of the investigation, nothing goes fast enough for Ben. He wants the murderer of his best friend to be arrested as soon as possible before another student would be killed. But many suspects are on the list. Jeff was not an ordinary student, he was a bully! Did he deserve to die? Surely this story will not let you indifferent.

« Who Killed Jeff? » is a thriller where the story begins with the murder of a student. But who was he? What did he do to deserve to be killed? But moreover, who killed him?


A few seconds later, a figure wearing a hoodie entered the restaurant, following the way right into the washroom. Once in, the person produced a Benchmade 581 pocket knife and hid it behind. At that moment, Jeff finished to urinate and went to the sink, opening the tap. As he noticed someone else was standing next to the door, he raised his head. The hoodie made a shadow on the face, hiding it.

“Hey! Wanna my pic little bastard?”

The figure didn’t reply but showed the knife and quickly tried to stab Jeff in front of the sink. Jeff ducked down and charged into the attacker. The attacker hit the door, and the hoodie fell backward.

“Hey! This is my little monkey!” said Jeff shockingly. “What were you trying to do?” said amusingly Jeff. “Don’t tell me you were missing me so much?” he added, smiling impertinently.

The attacker put back on his hoodie. Jeff was laughing.

“Maybe some slaps may wake you up! I knew you were stup…”

But before he could finish saying the word, the attacker covered Jeff’s mouth with the hand so nobody could hear him. Jeff tried to take the hand off, but the attacker kicked him with the knee in the tummy and pushed him rudely towards the back wall. While Jeff raised his chest, the attacker stabbed his left arm. Jeff choked at the pain. He looked aggressively at the eyes staring at him.

“Now you are going to pay a high price for that. You will pray to see a quick ending of what I’m…”

But again, he didn’t have time to finish his sentence that another stab hit him in the right arm. Jeff felt again the pain reaching his muscle. Blood was flowing from both wounds.

“Don’t tell me you want to kill me?” he said, suddenly scared.

But no answer came. He thought quickly. If he wanted to survive, he had to attack. He sent a fist right in the face of his opponent, but it was useless. His opponent bent the head quickly enough to avoid the hit. Jeff pushed forwards but the kick came faster than he expected, and he was thrown against the wall again. Jeff wanted to rush forwards but all of a sudden, a stab hit him in the chest. Jeff choked, putting his hands against his chest, holding the knife. He looked at it, not believing the knife was in his chest. A red circle appeared around the blade.

“What… did you do?”

“Nothing else you would expect a little monkey being able to do.”


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