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Latest Novellas!

Here are our latest novellas! Click on the book to go directly to the Author’s Web Page.

In August 2019, Marjorie Lam finished her sixth novella with more than 21,700 words, written in approximately 20 hours.

In September 2019, Helen Dai finished her first novella with more than 11,100 words, written in approximately 25 hours.

In October 2019, Sophie Huang finished her first novella with more than 27,300 words, written in approximately 45 hours.

In November 2019, Belle Mok finished another book, but a non-fiction one this time. With more than 9,600 words, written in approximately 18 hours.

In November 2019, Sophia Lu, 6 years old, finished her first book, « The Cow Jumps Over the Moon ». She wrote more than 1,500 words written in approximately 10 hours.

In January 2020, Vianne Lam finished her sixth novella with more than 11,200 words, written in approximately 20 hours.

Young Authors, a story

Hong Kong, July 2017, another summer begins. Like every summer or long holidays, students are going to be thrown in Education Centers or sharing the hot days with private teachers to learn and improve their academic English through… academic exercises!

However, I wanted to make it a bit different, at least for some students. So, I created a course called « How to write a book », which became later « Young Authors ». My aim was to teach to only some young learners and see how this course was going to be received and what would be the children’s reaction: reluctant or not? How to write a book, from the first idea to the final steps, including the cover page was demanding but rapidly, I adjusted my teaching according to the children’s character. Writing is more than putting down word after word, it also implies the learning of appropriate tenses, vocabulary and synonyms, how to build a sentence and dialogue, and how to proofread in an enjoyable, unstressful, and pleasant way. Keep reading…

In September 2017, Marjorie published her 1st book containing more than 3,000 words.

In September 2018, Marjorie released her 4th book containing more than 10,200 words.

In September 2017, Bernice published her first book containing more than 1,700 words.

In September 2018, Bernice released her 3rd book containing more than 10,800 words.

In September 2017, Belle published her first book containing more than 1,500 words.

In August 2018, Belle released her 3rd book containing more than 3,400 words.

You want to write but you don’t even know how to begin? You need  a coach, holding your hand, telling you what, when and mainly how to write? You need a way that will help you not to procrastinate? You need tools that will help you to write this book that you wanted so much to write as soon as possible, and will not take ages to make? You want to be part of the tribe? If children of 8, 9, or 10 years old, even 6 and 7 years old, can write a book, why not you? No matter you are an adult or a child, this method is bulletproof.  Don’t wait anymore, click and meet our Young Authors who made their first steps in the writing world (Young Authors).  They are facing the same difficulties than the  most creative writers but still, they may surprise you with their fertile imagination and the energy they deploy to write their imaginative stories! Welcome aboard!

What is the Coaching Program?

What really is the Young Author Coaching? In any sport activity, there is a coach. This coach is the one to en‐ courage, answer questions, give tips, create warm-ups, guide the team to focus, support their difficulties, nourish the athletes and improve their skills, facilitate performance, revive mind and make them succeeding.

Becoming a Young Author without coaching is like running without knowing where the finishing line is. The Creative Writing Coach provides everything needed to assist and support the Young Author.

But beyond these basic requests, he stimulates the imaginary which at its turn, will let flow a world of ideas. No matter the age. No matter the topic. No matter the genre. Period.

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Training – Requirements and Benefits

Creative Writing Workshop is definitely the best definition for this course. Rather than a theoretical and traditional way of attending lessons, like listening and taking notes, the student fully participates and expresses aloud his/her ideas or sentences that are going to be put down. A series of discussions are following about the importance of the words, the importance of the ideas and how to build up a comprehensive storytelling by taking advantage of a powerful technique. The structured process is definitely the base of the writing and should be used at any stage. It would be wrong to believe that a structured text does not leave any flexibility, on the contrary, as it opens doors to any new idea or direction the story

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The Toolbox

There are 3 tools which are helpful when it’s time to write. We don’t want to spend time looking for this or that. Here are 3 main tools. 1. The Tricks and Tips are articles related to the writing. 2. The Special Links brings you to different webpages like Name Generator, Thesaurus, Dictionaries, Google Map. This list will become longer. If you have any request, please let me know. 3. Pictures with Free Rights. There are more than 100 websites offering photos. Click here.